Google's self-driving cars hit the roads in Kirkland, Washington

Google has expanded its self-driving car project to Kirkland, Washington. The company will be deploying its self-driving Lexus RX450h SUVs around the city starting this week.

From Google:

Hello Kirkland, WA! We've chosen your beautiful city by Lake Washington as the next location of our self-driving car testing program. After self-driving 1.4 million miles, we're ready to give our cars more experience driving new environments, traffic patterns, and road conditions. (And we definitely don't mind the waterfront views either!)

According to Google, the self-driving cars have logged a total of 1.4 million miles. This is the latest in a series of program expansions for the self-driving car project, with cars hitting the roads in California in June 2015, following up with tests in Austin, Texas in July.

Source: +Google Self-Driving Car Project