The Q4 numbers are in, folks, and Google's revenue for the final three months of the year was $6.7 billion, up 17 percent from the fourth quarter of 2008. Google-owned sites (YouTube and the like) made up 66 percent of that revenue for a total of $4.42 billion, up 16 percent over Q4 2008. AdSense revenue totaled $2.04 billion, or 31 percent.

We once again bow to our benevolent overlords. [Google]

Update: We listened in on the earnings call. CEO Eric Schmidt and Co. were upbeat about 2010. "We're back in business full-blast," Schmidt said. There was a good amount of talk about mobile (read: Android), but really nothing you haven't heard before.

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Schmidt: "The Droid and Nexus One show the power of the Android approach."

"With all the capability these phones coming have, we think there's potential to make the mobile web better than the PC web." - Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior VP of Product Management

And Patrick Pichette, CFO, when asked about Nexus One margins: "We don't track percentage margins. We're looking for opportunities to innovate, ship products that are disruptive, game-changing."

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