Google's most successful social network is going away

No, Google isn't shutting down Google+ (unfortunately). Instead, the company has announced that Map Maker, its standalone tool for editing, updating, and peer-reviewing maps around the world, will be fully integrated into Google Maps by March, 2017.

The impetus for the change is fairly straightforward: the company wants to reduce the overhead necessary for keeping a separate product alive as it becomes more integrated into Maps proper. From Google:

This update will enable us to focus on providing the best editing and moderation experience within Google Maps on both desktop and on mobile. We'll continue to roll out new features to make sure you're able to do most of the things you've grown accustomed to doing in Map Maker – like edit roads – leading up to March 2017 and after.Starting today, edits made on Google Maps will no longer be available for moderation on Map Maker. This will allow us to streamline our efforts, speeding up the time for an edit to get published. We will continue posting updates here on the Map Maker Help Forum and on as we bring more features into Google Maps.

Many people don't know much about Google Map Maker, especially that it is one of the company's most popular social networks of a sort, with thousands of people actively updating and editing cartographical information on a daily basis. But you may remember this particular story, of a location near Rawalpindi, Pakistan vandalized with an Android urinating on an Apple logo, forcing Google to shut down Map Maker for a short time while it revamped its permissions.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • You almost had me readying my cheerleader pom poms in the death of G+. Now I'm disappointed.
  • Not sure why people WANT Google+ to die.
  • For the same people (even its Own fans) wants BlackBerry dead, reason that I don't know
  • Because they prefer the uncontrollable and bloated Facebook.
  • Yeah if you hate G+, you're doing it wrong
  • JohnKCG, yankeeusa, dizzles16 +1000 to the 3 of you.
  • Because haters.
  • Bader is a cluless sheep. I never understood why he is writing for AC.
  • The clickbait with this title deserves an A!
  • You scared me, I thought you were talking about Google +. Maybe you should rethink that title. By the way, Mr. Bader, why so much hate for it? Where you treated badly there once? Did something happen?
  • So you basically trolled
  • Seriously. How is this click bait? The article subtitle is "not google+" and you can also see that quite easily with the article pic before clicking...
  • Come on now
  • Not on the app. All you see is the headline.
  • Good point, didn't see that until a bit ago.
  • Why is it unfortunate that they're not shutting down Google+? How does it hurt you?
  • You win Dan, the hate for G+ has pushed my contempt for A/C over the edge. The negativity here has risen to a level I can no longer bare. That goodness Jerry is still here.
  • Yeah, Dan, shame on you for having an opinion! Especially one that may hurt someone's feelings!
  • See, negative. The tone of A/C forums has went to the dark side.
  • I'd rather have them kill Google+ :(
  • Just don't use it. I myself like the control I have in Google plus versus the chaotic scene which is Facebook.
  • Yeah, I LIKE Google+, but what's the use of a social network that's well, not too social? Most people I know, for better or worse, don't use G+. There's nothing in G+ in MY needs that I can only find on G+. So yeah, not using it won't be a problem. But when other projects that people do use get 'killed off', you can't help but wishing they'd have pulled the plug on something less popular.
  • Nothing wrong with G+. I use it everryday.
  • Yeah, +1 for the G+ fans out there. I happen to dig some G+. I wish the Facebook followers would stay following and keep my Plus free of the drama. I see more support and activity, which is a double-edged sword. As much as I disagree with the lack of love, I won't argue if only to keep my Utopia hidden in plain sight. No, it is NOT perfect, but it's where the smart folk gather for banter and the occasional trolling. It's no limo, but I'll take a taxi over the bus any day of the week.
  • Google+ is a much better alternative to passionate people that don't like or use fb
  • I like Google+ and use it more than FB or Twitter. Don't know why anyone would wish for its demise. Google+ is a great hangout for us geeks with communities I don't find on FB. I mainly use FB to keep in touch with family and non-geek friends.
  • I used to use it all the time, but Reddit just started working better for me. I don't have any friends on G+ but it was nice for following hobbies and brands. Reddit just does it better and the community seems much better.
  • I knew it couldn't be Google+ the moment you wrote "most successful social network".
  • G+ is great! Lots of good people over there.
  • Exactly. What a *ing ignorant *ss jab.
  • G+ might not be anywhere near #1, but it might be the last major social network on which intelligent debate is welcome.
  • What a great night
  • I'm very Google bias cause most of what they do work but G+ to me is a failed. Non of the people I know use it and if they have used it, it's been only one or twice to try it out and never use it again. Same with allo messenger.
  • It's not FB and that's a good thing. Especially if you're into rooting and tinkering.
  • Oh and Mr Bader you're a twatttt
  • If you hate google+, you're doing wrong. There are people who use google+ daily and happy about it. its not like facebook, not like anything else and has its own people. so just leave it alone.
  • G+ is nicer looking than FB. I don't really use it but I have and there are some cool things floating around in there.
  • Isn't Google's most successful social network YouTube? Gotta love how quickly he backtracked from the title by saying its one of the most popular.
  • Just because Daniel doesn't like it ! There's plenty good people on Google plus Leaving Android Central now it's ruined and full of **** articles.
    Sad day Sad day !!
  • I'm on G+ and will never use facebook, but the first thing that came to mind WAS G+, lol.
  • As soon as I read "most successful", I knew it couldn't be G+... reading comprehension, people!
  • Lolz; you got me :)
  • "Google Map Maker, especially that it is one of the company's most popular social networks of a sort, with thousands of people actively updating and editing cartographical information on a daily basis"..."THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE" yet you say it's "unfortunate" that they are not shutting down Google+ which has Millions of daily active user. Give me a break!
  • This article is a fail for even categorizing Map maker as a social network! U think more people use that than G+?!? Smh