Google's eBooks go live, available on Android, iOS, and the web

Google eBooks

Google's long-awaited e-reader service has gone semi-live this morning. It's not called Google Editions as previously believed. Books and are available online, and Android, the iPhone and iPod touch, the Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony eReader.

You'll need be running at least Android 2.1 to take advantage. (The good news is that some 83 percent of all Android phones are at least on Eclair.)

The store has some 3 million books available, with many around the $9.99 point that we're used to on Amazon. We'll give this the full what-for once the Android app is live in the Market. [Google eBooks (opens in new tab) via Google Mobile Blog]

Update: The Android app is now live, and download links are after the break.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Google eBooks app is Not available in my country, I bought my Nexus One on february, and since then the paid apps and other apps on the market are not available for Latin American countries (except Mexico, Brasil, not sure about Argentina and Chile). Maybe it's time to Root my Nexus One and install Market enabler?
  • Yes... happened all the time with WebOS users... what a shame (borders creating borders in the e-world...)
  • downloading now. Hope it's nice as I already use their books on my desktop for quick browsing on the go while traveling.
  • Meh. Here's the deal. I can't go back to a normal screen. I'm sorry but I've been spoiled with e-ink and 2-3 weeks of battery life. And since there are no android tablets that are e-ink and support this app, I'll have to pass. Its either Nook or Kindle.
  • Maybe you should wait for Notion Ink Adam double display (eReader and normal dislpay).
  • Possibly. However we have been waiting so long for the Ink that until I actually see it ship I'm calling vaporware.
  • No app available on uk market so is it only available on 2.2?
  • I like the appearance of the app, however few problems: 1. No text selection
    2. No dictionary look up ...Hopefully those get patched, make it much nicer to use.
  • I am impressed (from original pages to tex) - what will this do to venerable gutenberg site?? Oh yeah, changes will be forthcoming, anyplace for feedback?
  • I am impressed (from original pages to tex) - what will this do to venerable gutenberg site?? Oh yeah, changes will be forthcoming, anyplace for feedback?
  • Without text selection or dictionary lookup, I don't see any incentive to move over from Kindle.
  • For those looking for the app: It is called Google Books, not ebooks.
  • Eh, it's a passable ereader app, but it's no Aldiko that's for sure. Google still has a long way to go in this area.
  • Agreed. I was hoping to see google really make a great ereader. They haven't yet.
  • The app isn't available for UK :(
  • Is there any way to sideload books on this app? I have quite a few books and am not really intrigued at the thought of buying them a second time. Guess I'll wait on this for now.