Google's auto ambition will reportedly bring Android M straight to the dash

In the next version of Android, Google could potentially sideline Android Auto in favor of putting the entire Android OS into cars. Unlike Android Auto, Android M would be built directly into the car's infotainment and navigation system and would not require the driver to plug in a smartphone.

The move would allow Google to power the car's infotainment and navigation features as well as collect car data. Reuters reported on Google's unannounced Android in the car plans citing unnamed sources:

Direct integration into cars ensures that drivers will use Google's services every time they turn on the ignition, without having to plug in the phone. It could allow Google to make more use of a car's camera, sensors, fuel gauge, and Internet connections that come with some newer car models.

To launch, Google would need to convince auto-makers to install Android M into the dash.

Source: Reuters

Chuong H Nguyen