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Google's 10-cent app sale part of 10 billion downloads promo

Looks like Google's taken the lid off of this 10-cent app thing. The Android Market's now promoting 10 days of offers -- top premium apps -- 10 cents per app. Dive into that Market page and you see the "10 billion promo" page. That 10 billion's got to refer to app downloads -- a milestone if we've ever heard one.

Here are the 10 apps on the 10-cent promotion for the next 10 days:

Figure we'll see some sort of announcement from Google at some point. In the meantime, hit the links above and get downloading!

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  • crazy deals just bought the 4 games for .40 cents great deal
  • Any help on this? I had installed the Swiftkey app through Amazon. Now market shows as Update/Uninstall when I select Swiftkey. Market will not let me buy from Market app OR Market web as it already shows as "Purchased". :( Please any solution???
  • Uninstall the Amazon Market version. It will then let you buy it for $0.10 from the Android Market. I did that as for whatever reason, I have a better feeling about the Android market providing updates than the Amazon market.
  • Uninstall swift key from your phone and then you should be able to purchase? At least that should work in theory as you don't have it purchased from the market.
  • Have you tried uninstalling the app on your phone completely and then going through the Android market?
  • Uninstall the version from Amazon and download from the market again at 10 cents. I have the same problem as you, but my swiftkey x was free from getjar.
  • @all. No uninstalling did not help. I cleared app/cache also but did not help. When I uninstalled Swiftkey through settings-> manage applications or through Market , I was still getting the "Purchased" message even though I had not purchased. So I uninstalled the new market app and reverted to old market. Old market shows 3.99 but when I purchased it I got it for 10 cents. So if any of you guys have this problem then revert to old market and it will work. Also same issue I see for Soundhound. Market says "Open" when it's installed and "Purchased" when I uninstall.
  • I think I have a solution for you as I had an almost identical problem with this. Note that it might take you a few tries and you may have to call google if you simply can't get it to work. I know this approach is going to sound completely insane, but it has worked for me 3 times. I think the problem has to do with the new market on some phones. EDIT: First make sure you uninstall any version of the app you are trying to download before doing this! Go to Settings -> Apps -> All and find the market. Clear the cache, data, everything. Now make sure you aren't on WiFi because your phone has a faster data connection if you are. If you data connection is fast, the market will auto-download the new version almost instantly, so if you can get anywhere with a 1x data connection that is actually the best. Now uninstall all the updates to the market, so you are back on the old version with the green header. *Note you have to do this part VERY fast once you uninstall before the markets updates* Now open the market, search swiftkey, select it, hit buy and confirm the purchase. It should begin downloading and you should get a receipt from google. If during the process the download part fails and the new market installs, go back in and clear the cache and data of the new market and wait a few minutes for the google server to rectify everything. You should now be able to go download swiftkey normally from the market and should have a valid purchased license. **You can use this method for most problematic files, assuming you had an older version of the market on your phone. I know it sounds insane, but it really does actually work!**
  • Install from your computer at
  • This is crazy!!!!
  • Its it the same apps for ten days or different apps everyday?
    BTW, Minecraft is totally worth it and if they update it like it is suspected to be, this should be on everyone's Download list.
  • There are "Fruit Ninja" and "Teris" icons on the market screen shot. So yes I am guessing that there will be more apps to come.
  • Yeah each day it's 10 different apps. NOT the same for all 10 days, that wouldn't make any sense.
  • most of the app icons on that splash page aren't on the sale page so they must be doing different apps each day :-)
  • Soundhound, thank you!
  • Soundhound, thank you!
  • Most of those apps have been the Amazon FAOTD...
  • Yes, but unlike the Google market, I've had trouble using Amazon apps because I'm apparently not signed in. I'd rather buy these cheap here and know they'll work.
  • Ya, I'm done with Amazon's app store. Their recent updates make it no more than an annoying app that won't leave you alone. Yes I know I have 200+ apps to install, I don't want to install them, leave me alone and stop popping up in my status bar (on every one of my devices). I guess I'm spending $10 over the next 10 days. Bought all of them today so far.
  • This is true, but it takes Amazon forever to update their apps.
  • But Amazon FAOTD is only available in the US so this is great for us in Europe.
  • dumb if i purchase one of these and i get a new phone in a few weeks, will i still have access or am i going to have to re-buy it?
  • They will be with u till u die. As long as it works on your phone they will always b there
  • or until Google removes them. I bought and paid for "Full HDMI" in Android market and it's no longer avail for the Evo.
  • they are linked to your google account, so as long as you use the same account, you can use them on any device.
  • once you buy it, they are yours
  • You know how PO my bank is going to be? Ill be getting a call thinking all these 10¢ purchases are shady.
  • So, do the developers still get full value for their property?
    Who eats the difference?
  • THIS. Inquiring minds would like to know. Hopefully Google is eating the cost and giving the normal revenue to the developers. I wouldn't want this to be a white elephant for the developers like Amazon's FAOTD .
  • Google eats it not the devs
  • Meanwhile in the UK we have to pay 10p which is about 10 cents, what a rip off!..... :p Great deals, can't wait for more to come. What if Google Propeller / Current, is the app for the last day!
  • Is there a way to buy an app even if the market says I don't have a compatible device? I currently only have a Nook Color running CM7, but I'll be getting a GN as soon as they start selling. So I'd like to go ahead and buy some apps while they are on sale.
  • I'm in the exact same boat. Got an old HTC Hero, but I have an EVO 3D waiting for the Holidays (can't use it yet). We're waiting to see if there's a better deal sometime in the next two weeks before we use them 100%, so right now I can't even purchase the games I want!
  • (Double Post, Sorry.)
  • Got soundhound infinity, swiftkey x and asphalt 6 at 10 cents each! :D For those who are wondering it's 10 cents per app regardless of exchange rate.
  • so i tried to download Asphalt 6 for my Galaxy S2 (international version on Bell) but it says that it's not supported. is that right? or is the fact that i'm running Cyanogenmod 7 somehow screwing things up?
  • I downloaded it on my galaxy s2 (international version) and after that downloaded about 500mb+ of game files and it works fine. Though im using a stock rom and unrooted.
  • I'm assuming it's 10 DIFFERENT apps each day for the next 10 days!
  • I have an Evo 3D so I dont have the new market yet, so those apps arent showing up at .10 on my phone. When I try to buy them on a computer, it tries loading for a few seconds then says there is a problem & wont let me buy it. Any suggestions? *Edit - It started working. Must just've been from all the traffic
  • This is great! My credit card (Chase Freedom w/ Chase Exclusives) gives me $0.10 in bonus cash back per purchase, so these apps are free for me. Too bad I already own a bunch of these (and Asphalt 6 won't work on either my Hero running CM7 or my Asus Transformer).
  • Your still using a hero?
  • Argh -- Verizon needs to get the Galaxy Nexus out STAT so I can start buying! (*mourns being stuck on iOS still*)
  • You can still buy them on here for now, no? It's tied to your Google account so this way you'll be prepared-- and even if you never end up switching you're only out $10 max.
  • Anyone having issues with their purchases not completing? I purchased two apps this morning, and it seems as though one of them did not complete - I did not get a transaction for it in my Google Wallet, nor does it show up in 'My Apps' on the phone's market. However, it does show up as 'Purchased' when I look at my account online... When I find the app on the phone, it is flagged as 'purchased', but when I go to install it, it comes back with an error saying I cannot download as it hasn't been purchased. I've tried clearing cache/updates for the market on the phone, but it doesn't seem to help. Seems like it only go partially done with the purchase, and now is forever stuck :/
  • I haven't quite had that experience, but when I tried to download them I kept getting errors telling me to sign in to my google account (already was signed in), and another error that simply told me to try again later. Despite these errors, I left my phone alone for about 10 minutes and I looked at it - suddenly the games were downloading themselves. I think they're just experiencing a ton of traffic due to them being .10 cents.
  • Just fixed this by installing an old (2.0) version of the market and going through the purchase process again. It worked, and I only have one credit card transaction for that app.
  • I'm having issues. I've successfully bought three of those apps, and tried to buy another two - but starting to get re refusal of my credit card attached to google checkout. Now I receive a message at the top of Transactions list in Google cabinet which says that I should re-enter credit card data or use another card. I tried re-attach the card and switched to another card attached to my account but still getting the same error. WTF?
  • This is fucking crazy!
  • Wow, I just replaced my free apps and purchased others that I was on the fence on due to price. You'd be stupid not to take advantage of this deal. Can't wait to see what's available tomorrow.
  • I got Swiftkey for free on Amazon. Would there be a benefit to uninstalling it and purchasing the 10 cent app from the market? Quicker updates maybe?
  • Quicker and more consistent updates in my opinion. Amazon app store kind of handles updates in a crummy way...