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Google wants to hear your ideas about Android's core apps

If you're a Google+ user (and if not, hit the forums and get you an invite!) and have ideas how Google can improve Android's core apps like the calendar, contacts, email, etc., Attila Bodis, Android applications engineering manager, wants to hear from you.  He's set up a threaded post at Google+ asking for feedback and ideas, and even Andy Rubin has chimed in to participate.  Like Atilla says, he won't be able to reply personally to every message, but they're reading them, and some great ones should come out of this.  Be sure to head over and share your thoughts at the source link below!

Source: +Atilla Bodis

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I'm not on google+ and I'm not particularly interested in being on it, so could someone please add my suggestion over there? Namely: "Allow for the deletion of emails directly from the notification bar." For example, I like to be notified that Netflix received the disc I sent, but I don't want to have to open gmail just to delete the email. -Suntan
  • thread is closed already.
  • Could we see to read the thread or have a summary ? I love Android, but there is still quite some areas that could use a little work.
  • Here's the thread :
  • Would love an invite to Google+. Those things are like gold! +1 on the comment about deleting stuff directly from the notification area. That would be awesome and a huge time saver.
  • Wow...they closed that quickly. There were a huge number of responses though.
  • Thread is now closed on G+.
  • Darn. Wanted to suggest a search function for the calendar. Can't believe the stock Android calendar doesn't support this. (Using Touch Calendar which adds this and a bunch of other stuff, too, but the native calendar should have that built in).
  • I'm not sure if it will get implemented but someone did suggest search within the calendar.
  • Closed. I really wanted to suggest calendar ability to set reminders "after" the event date.
  • i just want a one touch event add for the calendar. touch near the time i want the event to be and give it a title. auto reminder set in prefs and i can add more detail if i want...
  • I want the ability to move messages between folders in the stock mail app :( That's the main thing I miss about my Sense-based email. Also, when I delete emails off the hotmail server they don't clear the notification on my phone... It just keeps flashing until I clear it even though the other aspects of the push service work fine. ps. inb4 switch to gmail...
  • The thread was closed before I could get to it, so I'll vent here instead: I really would like to see uniformity in the core apps, both in email and functionality. As it stands, each app works pretty well individually (for the most part), but they look like completely separate, non-related programs that just happen to be on the same OS. A standardized look and more integration between the apps would present a more polished OS, rather than the scatterbrained state that it's currently in. Why, for example, is it such a pain to upload pictures from my DX to Picasa, and why do I not have access to my Picasa albums? I know it can happen, as I had that feature on my OG Droid. The auto-upload feature in the Google+ app is seamless and works great, yet I still can't access any of my Picasa stuff from the phone's (super crappy) gallery app. Also, I'd love to see a proper unified inbox option. I know you can do it somewhat (at least on the DX) by running your gmail account through the regular email program rather than the gmail app, but you lose some of the features and functionality. I've got a couple different email addresses for different functions and I have to jump around between the gmail app and the email app just to handle them all. It's a fractured design that becomes increasingly annoying to deal with.
  • I'm pretty sure your issues with the gallery are MotoBlur's fault. As you said, it was on your OG Droid. It wouldn't be the first time Moto broke core functionality with Blur. Google added Picasa support in the standard gallery with 2.1, I believe. My Picasa albums show up in the gallery and uploading to Picasa is two taps from the picture (share -> Picasa).
  • I couldn't get in either, so here are my issues: Search App - Need to be able to prioritize which apps show results higher than others. IE, Contact results should show up higher than Internet Searches. Either be intelligent about it or let the users specify priority. Contact Search Results - Go ahead and put a "call" "text" "email" icon next to their name so we can go right to it. Or a drop down option for them. I want to be able to type a name and click call without having to open up their contact card. Gmail app formating - Email doesn't format very pretty. Always have to scroll left and right to read text because images aren't resized to the width of the phone. It just seems like a lot of work. I want to be able to open an email and just read down. Calendar - Long press on event in the day view should allow you to grab the event and drag it to a new time. See webOS for example. OS - Wish the top menu bar were visible/available while the apps are open (except games/videos/etc that specifically should be full screen). See WebOS for example. Very handy for seeing the time while you work, or turning wifi on/off while still in app.
  • Pls, pga for google+ invite
    Dazkoi(@) gmail. Com
  • Done.