Google Voice Application Coming to Android

Google Voice, the revolutionary software that allows you to re-direct phone calls, transcribe voicemails and so much more is finally headed to our favorite smartphone OS, Android. We're extremely excited about Google Voice's implementation because we truly believe that it'll be an exciting service that'll fit a lot of Android (and Google) users' usage. Though we haven't tested Google Voice ourselves (we're still waiting on that invite Google!), we've heard nothing but good things about the service.

The registration for the Google Voice application for Android will continue to be invite-only but we hope Google will open it up to public consumption sooner rather than later. GigaOM has an excellent review on the Android Google Voice application and they're definitely excited about the possibilities. Google Voice = less carrier interaction, and that my friends is a wonderful thing.

How many Google Voice users do we have on Android Central? How good is the service? And what does an official Android App mean to you? Let us know in the comments!

Hit the jump to see screenshots of the Google Voice Android Application!

Casey Chan