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Google Voice for Android updated, now allows for multiple text recipients

The Google Voice app for Android has received an update in the Market, which brings, among other enhancements, the ability to send text messages to multiple recipients. I love Google Voice and use it every day, but this is one feature I have been missing dearly. I often find myself sending the same or similar texts to multiple friends and familty and it always irked me that Google Voice did not allow this. With today's update, this is no longer an issue.

Here is the full changelog from the Market:

  • Prefetch voicemails so they can be listened to even when there is no data coverage
  • Allow sending text messages to multiple recipients
  • Improved text message notification

Please find links to the updated app after the break.

  • Hopefully the improvements to notifications are working this time. I swear it would be hours before I was alerted to a text message.
  • If you go into settings then scroll to the bottom there are setting for dogfood. Not sure why but i thought it was funny.
  • wtf lol.
    yeah i see the dogfood.
    Thats where you send feedback
  • That's awesome!!
  • I think this is the big change: "Prefetch voicemails so they can be listened to even when there is no data coverage" Much more like Sprint Visual Voicemail...
  • But what about receiving MMS!!
  • I love the service, and i'm thankful it exists, but the app has been so freaking terrible it's almost worth $20/month not to use it.
  • Damn, this app needs a MAJOR UI overhaul; it is just so dated. It looks like something off of Donut, sheesh. I hope the Google voice team gives us a smoother UI experience and make the back button ACTUALLY return to message threads.
  • Sure, the UI looks ancient, but I don't really care, simply because the Chrome plugin makes my life infinitely better every day. Being able to send/receive SMS from my desktop makes Google Voice worth any other tradeoffs. And yes, multiple recipients is a HUGE upgrade. Let's home MMS comes soon. Then short code support.
  • "Package file was not signed correctly" error for me - Bionic running Eclipse ROM (which curiously came with GVoice preinstalled)
  • Easily the worst app by google. Runs like crap after a while, will lock up and not send or recieve. Utterly suprising they dont put more effort into it.
  • Please Google, PLEASE....Release MMS!!!!
  • I use this app regularly on a daily basis. The UI is begging for a makeover, hopefully like the rest of the ics apps. Mms support would definitely be the icing on the cake for me.
  • People that want mms on Google Voice confuse me. Sending pics through mms reduces the quality and clogs up your sms folder. Send them through Gmail! People can send to/from phones to/from email.
  • A lot of people I know don't have smartphones and try to send me MMS pics. They have no other option. I'm a big proponent for using email instead of MMS, but this is still a basic fundamental feature that Google should get straightened-out.
  • I'd like to be able to text international mobile phones. Can we do that yet? I know it wont work using the computer.
  • people say to just use gmail for mms but the problem is, someone send a pic probably cant be bothered to email a pic, and doesnt want to hear a technical explanation why you can text them but pics have to go thru email. The avg person doesnt know much about or care about g voice. I got over it a long time ago tho, it is what it is. MMS does work in google voice for sprint customers, gotta be sprint users on both ends I believe. The notification settings have to right for it to work. I think you have to receive it through the stock messaging app to work.
  • This thing grew so big that my poor Nexus One is screaming about low memory. One more app needs to be dumped.
  • Ability to listen to VM over BT in my car would be incredible.
  • I want better notifications like how chompSMS works. And fix that stupid back button issue
  • Agreed. There's no smooth, easy method to return to the message list. It's hit and miss until it eventually pops up when you go in.
  • Personally, after coming to Android from an iPhone (jailbroken, of course) I miss the ability to route GV text messages through other apps. Most of the issues with the UI and memory bloat would simply disappear if someone with more skills than I were to put out some sort of plugin to essentially turn the Voice app into a background service for a better messaging frontend app, such as ChompSMS. Just my .02