Google to end development and support for the Android Developer Tools in Eclipse

Google will be ending development and official support of the Android Developer Tools in Eclipse, as the company continues to focus its efforts on Android Studio. Over the past few years, Google has been focusing its attention on Android Studio, which just hit version 1.3, and in order to continue that focus the company has decided that at the end of this year, Eclipse support will be coming to an end. This applies specifically to the ADT plugin and Android Ant build system.

Developers can migrate their projects from Eclipse to Android Studio with just a few simple clicks. Over the next few months Google will be migrating the rest of its standalone performance tools and building additional support for the Android NDK into Android Studio. For all the details about the change, and how to move your projects from Eclipse to Android Studio, be sure to visit the link below.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Jared DiPane
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