Google tells judges that it's the most popular search term on Bing

Windows 11 Vs Chrome Os
Windows 11 Vs Chrome Os (Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google reportedly told the court that "Google" is Bing's most popular search term.
  • The company argues that consumers have chosen Google as the de-facto search platform.
  • Google is currently defending itself against a $5 billion EU fine.

Google continues to make a case for itself against a $5 billion fine that was issued by the European Commission in 2018. Its latest defense is that consumers only use Microsoft's competing search engine, Bing, in order to get to Google.

According to Bloomberg, Google lawyer Alfonso Lamadrid argued against the Commission's assessment that the company used unfair tactics to maintain its search dominance. The Commission claims that Google unfairly required its apps to be pre-installed and promoted on the best Android phones, further bolstering its position.

The Commission alleges that this has led to fewer choices for consumers. However, Lamadrid argues that consumers chose Google.

We have submitted evidence showing that the most common search query on Bing is by far Google.People use Google because they choose to, not because they are forced to. Google's market share in general search is consistent with consumer surveys showing that 95% of users prefer Google to rival search engines.

Since Bing is the default search engine on devices running Windows 11 and below, it's likely this comes from users typing "Google" in their address bar, which will automatically perform a search for a term.

Google has also stated in its defense that its platform can't possibly hold a monopoly because it competes with Apple's iOS platform and App Store. The Commission, however, finds that to be a weak defense as Apple's market share is not as large as Android's.

This is only one of several lawsuits that Google faces over allegations of anticompetitive behavior, particularly as it related to app distribution on Android phones and the Play Store, "forcing" Google Assistant on Android OEMs, and the company's alleged monopoly on online advertising.

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  • Not quite true as people think they have to go to Google to go to a website. People searching for Google in bing are proof of this. People think Google is the page that they have to go to to get to every site and this is down to Google being built into everything including phones. I don't have a issue with as I understand why but to say the top search in bing is Google is because people don't understand how a Web browser works.
  • 100% agree. Along with the ubiquitous expression "just Google it", people seem to think everything on the internet is accessed through Google. I also can't understand how people can not know that you save an extra step by entering the url directly rather than clicking on it from a search result. As far as search engines go, for myself, I prefer the layout of Bing and use it almost exclusively on my PCs well as my android phone running Microsoft launcher, but have found times where also using another search engine like Google could get me more results than using just Bing.
  • No true at all, they search Google and then use it because it has better results. But then again claiming most people using Bing are stupid probably isn't wrong. Coming from a guy that hates Google, it's still the best.
  • One of the first things I do on a fresh install of Windows 10 is use Edge/Bing to download Chrome and change the browser defaults accordingly.
  • Why anyone would use Chrome over Edge is a mystery to me unless you are invested in the Google platform. The amount of data that Chrome collects on a user is amazing.