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Google reportedly in talks to buy Hulu

Google is participating in preliminary talks to buy Hulu, according to a report today by the Los Angeles Times. The article cited anonymous sources close to the situation who say that Google is interested in the advertising potential behind Hulu, which owns rights to a number of TV shows’ current seasons. Also participating in talks with Hulu are Yahoo and Microsoft.

While a takeover is far from reality, it would be a major acquisition for Google, and would likely have an impact felt across the company’s brands, including Android. Hulu player standard on all Android devices? We can dream. Hit the source link for the Times’ full report.

Source: Los Angeles Times

  • That would be fantastillac
  • "While a takeover is far from reality" . . . why is it far from reality is Hulu is listening to offers from multiple companies?
  • because they still have to approve Google's bid, and then the government will (most likely) have to approve Google's bid.
  • thats all details. . . I'm saying a buyout is very likely by any of these companies at any point... hopefully Google
  • gaaa hoooo - hoooo zerrr...
  • The article says plain as day google yahoo and microsoft are in the running.
  • A standard player in Android I can see definitely. If it happens, I would be extremely happy if they take down Hulu Plus after the buy.
  • Why buy Hulu when Google can just use the youtube infrastructure and make it into what Hulu is.
  • Patents, existing relationships with networks and not having to compete with an already established brand.
  • Not to mention existing content supplier agreements. Hulu already has stuff from all the networks/production houses, YouTube not so much.
  • Oh good, maybe then Hulu won't be blocked on Google TV lol.
  • I like most things Google, but I'm starting to get concerned things might get out of hand. It's like someone said months ago talking about Google's NFC chip in the Nexus and how you'll set up accounts with Google to pay for stuff through your phone. That's a neat concept, but I won't be giving Google control over ANY of my money until they implement live, 24/7 phone and/or web tech support. Right now, they have zero support except their forums, which often are useless. Ever had your G-mail account hacked? I have. Because the account was like 5 years old and I couldn't remember who invited me, I couldn't satisfy Google through their forums that I was the real owner of the account. Worse, because I set up GV to be my phone's voicemail, all of my voicemails went to GMail, which I couldn't access, but whoever hijacked my account could. And the only way to undo that setting would be through google voice, which of course I was locked out of as well. Finally, days later I had to wait on hold for nearly an hour before I got any live person at Google to answer the phone. Then I had to threaten them with a TV story about my experience that would warn people about the dangers of integrating too deeply with Google before I finally got a PR person on the phone to help me. This simply won't cut it if they're going to be controlling a portion of my money. So I'd advise Google to spend the millions necessary to develop and implement customer support before they spend more money buying up something else.
  • your silly... who cares about security & customer service when you can have an awesome phone like me!!!! HTC SENSATION BAAAAAAAABY!!!! your nonsense relates much to blaba blaby blah blaba donkey doo.... go get a job, you home wrecker!!
  • I feel you on this as I had the same issue with my Windows Live account. Now I change my passwords more often and use random characters more. I wish they had a standard link to use Paypal for payment though.
  • This would be awesome. Fight the good fight, Google!
  • Google already has YouTube. Why do they need another video site?
  • why not...
  • Finally! I hope they fold it into YouTube which is where it always belonged. This will also help make Google TV an easier sell to customers.
  • Are you watching full seasons of modern family on yuotube? Show me please!
  • Yes, Google already owns YouTube, but Hulu already has tons of desirable content & agreements in place. It's the same reason Google bought YouTube when they already had Google Videos. If Google does wind up buying Hulu, it won't change fact that the licenses for the content doesn't cover free distribution to mobile devices. If Google were to throw caution to the wind and open up all Hulu content to Android users, it would tick off the networks, who would stop allowing their new content to go up on Hulu. I just hope that Google doesn't screw up Hulu like it's screwed up its new Music Beta service.
  • Good news. Maybe then Hulu+ will suck less!!!
  • "But the new agreements may include provisions that would require users to prove they're paying cable or satellite TV subscribers before they can watch current episodes of shows one day after their initial airing. Otherwise, they would be forced to wait. The agreements would remain intact if Hulu is sold." This REALLY concerns me. My husband & I don't have cable or satellite (ergo we subscribe to Hulu Plus...and it's in HD on the PS3) and we would drop our subscription if this happens. I hope they're only talking about the free shows. There's already too many commercials for paying customers as it is.
  • your full of lies... you wont catch me in your voodoo web...
  • I Love Hulu! Don't EF it up Google. I'm on your side. We lost Skype. Let's not lose Hulu now.
  • it'd be cool if it was free for android, and ps3 since google and sony are good friends :)
  • If Google buys Hulu they MUST extend programming contracts with the networks that are currently on Hulu. If they don't, the contracts expire, the networks (which are already stonewalling GoogleTV) don't renew, and all they have left is a name.
  • With Google losing Nortel , missing out on Skype, and not getting Groupon, they could use a big acquisition like this and will give them a bump in the content arena where they're a bit short.