Google reportedly set to launch Uber-like taxi service

It looks like competition for Uber is about to heat up. According to a new report, Google, despite investing hundreds of millions in Uber in 2013, has informed the service that it is considering launching its own on-demand taxi service.

The report comes from Bloomberg, which states:

Google is preparing to offer its own ride-hailing service, most likely in conjunction with its long-in-development driverless car project. Drummond has informed Uber's board of this possibility, according to a person close to the Uber board, and Uber executives have seen screenshots of what appears to be a Google ride-sharing app that is currently being used by Google employees.

Details are light, but if Google enters the space, they have the potential to shake things up in a big way. Further, Bloomberg notes that potential battle between the two companies could extend to autonomous vehicles as well, as Uber has reportedly begun investing in self-driving cars of its own.

Source: Bloomberg

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