Google reportedly plans to match Apple's new subscription revenue sharing split

Following Apple's debut of a new revenue sharing model for app subscriptions, which now allows app publishers to keep 85% of subscription revenues instead of the previous 70%, a new report claims Google plans to match that split.

As reported by Recode, Google's plans will differ in one significant aspect, however: while Apple requires publishers to stick to the current 70/30 split for the first year a subscriber is paying before switching, Google's split would take effect right away for app on Google Play. From Recode:

Now Google plans to up the ante at its app store: It will also move from a 70/30 split to 85/15 for subscriptions — but instead of requiring developers to hook a subscriber for 12 months before offering the better split, it will make it available right away.

It's unclear when Google may implement the new model, but the report does note that Google has already been testing it with some companies.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster