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Reports sug​gest CES will see an Android based collaboration with the German auto maker

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is set to go in-car in a collaborative project with German car manufacturer Audi. And, it looks like next weeks annual CES in Las Vegas could be the grand unveiling. 

The report goes on to suggest that Google will also be announcing tie-ups with other car makers, as well as NVIDIA, in an attempt to establish Android as a viable option for in-car systems in the future. If it all pans out, it would see Android taking on iOS in yet another arena, following Apple's announcement of iOS in the Car back in June of this year. 

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The aim it's said is to offer in-car access to Google's vast portfolio of apps and services. The obvious ones would be Google Maps Navigation and Google Music, but the possibilities are exciting to consider. If it all goes down at CES, we'll of course be there in force to bring you every little detail. But thinking aloud, what Google features would you like to see baked into your car? 

Source: WSJ

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