Google reportedly cut its diversity programs to avoid being seen as liberal

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What you need to know

  • Google has apparently scaled back its diversity and inclusion programs so as to not be seen as being anti-conservative.
  • Sojourn, a racial justice program for Google employees, was cut entirely last year.
  • Google has denied the claims, saying diversity and inclusion remain a "company-wide commitment."

Eight current and former Google employees have alleged that the tech giant has significantly scaled down its diversity and inclusion initiatives to avoid being seen as anti-conservative. Speaking to NBC News, the employees said that in addition to scaling back or cutting such programs entirely, Google has also been reducing the size of the team responsible for those programs since 2018.

A well-liked racial justice program called Sojourn was among the diversity training programs that were cut entirely in 2019. "One of the major motivations for cutting Sojourn is that the company doesn't want to be seen as anti-conservative," a Google employee told NBC News. The employees also claim that people who worked on diversity training programs at Google were transferred to other projects or had their work taken away entirely throughout 2019.

Google, however, has disputed the allegation and said that diversity, equity, and inclusion remain a commitment. Melonie Parker, Google's chief diversity officer, told NBC News that the changes made to the company's diversity and inclusion programs were focused on the need to "provide a scalable solution across the globe." Sojourn, Google says, was ended because it was "too difficult" to scale globally, due to its focus on racial issues in the United States.

Only 3.3 percent of Google employees identified as African American in 2019, an increase of less than 1 percent compared to the previous year. Its employee diversity for Latino employees, on the other hand, rose just two percent to 5.7 percent.

Babu Mohan
News Writer
  • You can't force diversity. Well, you CAN, but then all you get is diversity, instead of the most qualified work force. In any event, it's highly unlikely they did this to appear less liberal, because that's not going to work.
  • 100% - "A rose by any other name..."
  • You're 100 percent correct
  • Intellectual diversity is the only kind of diversity that matters.
  • Diversity, "forced" or not, does not equate to a less qualified work force.
  • Agreed. According to Google, they're trying to shift from a local diversity program to a global diversity program. This whole brouhaha smacks of some progressive employees upset their program was cut and are dishonestly framing it in political terms so the media will attack Google. Oh, and shame on AC for buying into and supporting this narrative.
  • EXACTLY. THANK YOU. why doesn't EVERYONE understand this? why do they even care what percentage of people are black or hispanic?? why does it matter? smh
  • Heck, why do the right thing when it's currently more popular to do the wrong thing .
  • It should be about equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. In so far as the hiring process, usually schemes predicated on standards and requirements other than skill and experience, almost never ends up well for the company, organization or agency in question.