What you need to know

  • A Halloween-themed cemetery has popped up at Google's Seattle campus.
  • The cemetery highlights various services Google has killed off over the years.
  • Google+, Google Reader, Picasa, and more are on display.

October, the spookiest month of the year, is here. For me, this is the month of watching scary movies, eating way too much candy, and flooding my apartment with as many decorations as I can. For Google, October is apparently a time to look back at the various services it's killed.

Dana Fried, a Googler at the company's Seattle campus, recently took to Twitter to share a picture of a cemetery that popped up there. It's filled with a creepy backdrop, jack-o-lanterns, and gravestones for some of Google's now-deceased services.

There are six tombstones on display, including ones for Google+, Google Reader, Google Wave, Google Buzz, Picasa, and Orkut.

Google's gotten some flak over the years for having a tendency to launch and kill products/services to no end, so it's nice to see the company embracing that and poking some fun at itself.

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If you want to really talk about dead Google creations, the cemetery is far from representative of the whole picture. The melancholy-inducing Killed by Google website highlights everything Google's killed over the years, and as of right now, that number is up to a whopping 172 with 8 more services confirmed to die in the coming months.

This year's axing of Google+ was especially sad to see, as that used to be my go-to social network for following tech news and chatting with like-minded friends before that community slowly migrated over to Twitter. I'm also still mourning the loss of Inbox, and I got way more enjoyment out of Google Spaces than I probably should have.

To all of the dead and soon-to-be dead Google creations, you are not forgotten 🍻.

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