A Google preview firmware update appears to have bricked many Home speakers

Google Home, Mini, and Max
Google Home, Mini, and Max (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Home speakers are going unresponsive and displaying an orange LED light.
  • The issue started last weekend and afflicted users registered in the Preview Program.
  • Google support has acknowledged the reports but has yet to issue a response.

Some Google Home speakers have become unresponsive over the past weekend, displaying only an orange LED indicator on the body of the device while being unresponsive to verbal commands. The issue began last weekend and appears to have accelerated as more and more users are sharing their experiences on Google's support forums.

The issue appears to affect those who are in Google's Preview program for the most part. It's worth noting that the preview program isn't a beta, but pushes production software just a bit early - like an A/B test.

It also only appears to affect regular Google Home speakers. Google Home Hubs and Googe Home Minis appear to be unaffected going off the user reports.

A Google specialist confirmed on support forums that they were receiving multiple reports about the same thing and were investigating. As of right now, a comprehensive solution has yet to materialize. While some users have found solutions that work for them like hard resetting or entering service mode or even plugging your Home into a Windows PC, it doesn't appear to be a panacea for all affected devices.

Have you experienced a faulty Google Home this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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Michael Allison