Google preparing to launch Google Drive this week with up to 100GB of paid storage?

By now, Google Drive is no longer a secret. It has appeared enough times now to not only say it exists and is in development but to say that it's coming soon. The exact details behind its offerings haven't fully made their way to the internet but some information coming from Reuters may give further insight into what is already known:

Consumers will get 5 Gigabytes of storage for free with Google Drive, while various versions with incrementally more storage capacity, topping out at about 100 Gibabytes, will be available for monthly fees

Google will be looking to target both consumers and businesses with Google Drive so keeping up with competitors such as Dropbox, Box and Evernote will be vital for them. If the information we've heard thus far is accurate, they'll be well positioned to do so by taking advantage of some of their already existing products such as Google Images, Google Docs, Gmail and even Google+. When will it arrive to masses? No one is certain as of yet but it could be as early as this week, with some saying Tuesday will be the day.

Source: Reuters, Image Credit: Life at Google

  • The real question is, What is the file upload size limit?
    If you can't upload a 1GB to 2GB file in one go, why would I switch from a free 50GB Box account or my unlimited Asus Webstorage?
  • correct me if i am wrong but i do believe that the free 50GB box has an upload limit of only 100MB
  • Depends when you got it.
  • I don't think their target market is people who just so happened to get in on a really good deal with a different product. Every time I see these posts it comes off as bragging more than an actual question.
  • This is exactly how I feel about people who brag about being grandfathered on Verizon or wherever else while talking down about Sprint.
  • The 'real' question is why Mr. Obvious needs to be told that switching from his grandfathered plan to a new plan is a bad idea. Alright, you are correct, in your situation it would be a very dumb switch. No for me who only has a 2Gb Dropbox, but a 50Gb Picasa, I am excited to see this. Why, you ask, Mr. Obvious? Well you see I am granfathered in on a really good deal too, its call Unlimited VZW LTE Data, I move about 10Gb of data between Dropbox a month. In my case it would be very dumb to switch my data plan to any deal today either, but I didn't need help with that one :)
  • Why switch indeed. If you are already using two providers (Box and Asus) why no use three?
  • It needs to have open APIs for all platforms if it aims to become ubiquitous like Drop box. The moment it does I'm dropping my Drop box account with the quickness.
  • I already did but when the other way - skydrive - now it has desktop sync it does pretty much everything I need and with better (I'm guessing) intergration with office and windows 8 that google's cloud drive is likely to offer.
  • Me too, and because I already had skydrive I get 25GB free (its now only 7GB for new users). And yes, it should have excellent win8 integration, though it already has office integration with the online version of office (free) and sort of with the version that is installed on your pc (in that you can save files directly to skydrive). There's also pretty nice integration with live photo gallery and such for those of you who like to share/backup full size photos. Always good to see a new product though, it means there is always more free space should I fill up the one I'm using :)
  • Even I got it when it had 25GB free. Only thing which is stopping me from using it full time is no native Android support.
  • Folder sync supports all the cloud severs ;-)
  • I wonder if this will be another one of those USA only things but I doubt it since its not providing content
  • That's interesting, but no way in hell I'll give up my free 75GB on SkyDrive. Not sure about DropBox though since I don't use that much By the way, does anybody know much space iCloud is offering? I've one, but I don't think i ever used it
  • I am dying to know what Google is going to do with those of us who are already paying for extra storage space.
  • My sentiments exactly. In August 2011 I bought 20GB of storage for $5.00 a year. I'm curious to see if I can still use that space with Drive and how much they'll be charging for storage once they release it to the public.
  • Plus one. I'd hate to find out we'll be paying $2.50 a MONTH instead :(
  • What's a Gibabyte? Might wanna go over that quote again. Sorry Chris, I had to :p
  • If they can do it better than Dropbox I'll switch. Otherwise I will stick with what I know. I don't switch just because it is the almighty Google offering the service. I go with what works best. A lot of it will have to do with whether or not Google makes syncing folders on your hard drive or phone an option for offline use and how easy they make it.
  • Here's what I consider a very important question: What will this mean for those of us with free 20GB using Google Music? Will we suddenly be forced to either pay a monthly fee or will we keep our free 20GB?
  • It's UP!!!
  • Looks like they renamed Google Docs to Google Drive. Don't see any pricing or storage upgrade info, but they do have an "apps" store for it by clicking on Settings, Manage Apps.
  • >"Google will be looking to target both consumers and businesses with Google Drive so keeping up with competitors such as Dropbox, Box and Evernote will be vital for them." And one way to start that would be to offer a Linux client do that ALL major desktop OS's are supported, not just two of the three. You know, Linux... the OS that runs 99.9% of Google and also powers Android. Yet, they neglect to have a Linux Google Drive app! Dropbox doesn't seem to have that problem...