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What you need to know

  • Google Play Pass now offers access to over 800+ premium apps and games.
  • Google highlights some of the top games to make their way to Play Pass over the past couple of months.
  • Dead Cells will arrive on Google Play Pass this week.

Can't get enough gaming on your phone? Google Play Pass continues to offer subscribers more value every month by adding some of the best Android games and apps to its catalog, all of which can be accessed for just $5 per month. As it stands, Google has added over 800 entries to Play Pass, and it will continue to grow. If that sounds pretty intriguing, we can walk you through how to sign up for Google Play Pass, a fairly simple process.

Since February 1st, Google has added more than a few new games to Play Pass. In case you missed some of them, we're here to point out the latest games and apps to arrive on Play Pass. Keep in mind that anyone not subscribed to Play Pass is more than welcome to purchase these games and apps individually.

All the games

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Google Play Pass

Your guide to all the premium games

Google Play Pass gives you access to hundreds of premium games for a low monthly cost. This means no ads and access to many of the features that are normally locked behind a paywall.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile

Football Manager 2021 MobileSource: Google

Football Manager 2021 Mobile puts the thrill of managing your own football teams into your hands. Choose between many of the best players and teams in the league and watch as they execute your plays. The top-down view of your plays in action makes this game perfect for even the best cheap Android phones.

Fm 21 Mobile

FM 21 Mobile

Football Manager 2021 Mobile gives you access to some of the best players and teams in the football league to let you test out your tactical prowess.

Sago Mini School

Sago Mini SchoolSource: Google

With more kids participating in distance learning at home, apps like Sago Mini School can help keep them entertained whenever there's downtime. The app was built with the help of education experts as the latest addition to the vast catalog of Sago apps and can help your kids with a range of topics thanks to its fun and interactive games.

Sago Mini School

Sago Mini School

Sago Mini School is the perfect app for kids, whether or not they're learning from home. This app uses many interactive games to help kids learn in a fun way.


FlockersSource: Google

Your gal in Flockers is to help navigate your sheep through mazes of machinery. It may sound easy, but there's a lot of sheep and a lot of machinery. Unfortunately, you're bound to lose a few, and it can be fun yet rather gruesome to watch your poor sheep explode everywhere.

Flockers Thumbnail


If you like dark humor, this game is for you. Help your sheep navigate 60 levels of factories full of dangerous machinery and death contraptions.

Dead Cells

Dead CellsSource: Google

Dead Cells is console/PC port and a gruesomely gorgeous platformer. You play as a mass of cells that controls a corpse and fights its way through dungeons. Except be careful, because when you die, you lose all your collected cells, items, and weapons!

Dead Cells will be available this week on Play Pass, so keep a lookout! This one is bound to become one of the best games on Google Play Pass.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a permadeath platformer that sees the player defeating enemies to collect cells that can be used to obtain permanent power-ups. But spend the cells quickly and wisely because you'll lose everything when you die!

Everything else

  • Teslagrad
  • Forgotton Anne
  • Fisti-Fluffs
  • SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle game
  • Dungeon Village
  • WitchSpring3
  • Hero Generations
  • English for Kids
  • Finger Paint Coloring Book
  • Happy Daycare Stories - School playhouse baby care
  • Kids Puzzles, Funny Animals #2 (full game)
  • Mandala Coloring Pages
  • BabyMagica
  • Carl the Submarine: Ocean Exploration for Kids
  • Coloring Book+
  • Miffy's World – Bunny Adventures
  • Sheltered
  • Mental Hospital IV - 3D Creepy & Scary Horror Game
  • Super Cat Tales 2
  • Slender Last Sleep
  • Funky Karts
  • Orbia: Tap and Relax
  • Super Oscar Premium
  • Gunhouse
  • Hamster Town
  • Shuttle Shuffle: Aliens Panic
  • Swapperoo
  • Faraway: Puzzle Escape
  • Mystic Pillars: A Story Based Puzzle Game
  • Pebble Universe
  • the Sequence 2
  • Stranger Cases: A Mystery Escape
  • Game Dev Story
  • Mega Mall Story
  • Strawberry Shortcake Food Fair
  • Strawberry Shortcake Holiday Hair
  • White Night