Google Play Movies and TV now available for the Sony NSZ-GS7 [Google TV]

Google has finally made their Movies and TV app compatible with the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV box. One would think that an app for viewing TV shows would work out of the box for a TV set-top box, but until today it just wasn't so. It's all part of the bigger issue Google has with delivering content and media to Android devices, which currently outnumber everything else on the market from a market share perspective.

The good news is that you finally can watch shows and films you're rented or purchased, right on your big screen via the Sony Google TV box. If you've been waiting to give it a try, now's your chance. Grab it from Google Play.

Via: +Google TV Friends

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • No love for the Revue?
  • just side load the newest market and the play movies and TV apks. works just fine on my revue. (to rent it still takes you to the website..that takes a while to load. I just rent from my phone or tablet, but it plays in app perfectly!)
  • nice, go figure, of all the things I've yet to try and sideload to the revue. Going to try that later tonight Edit, works most perfectly.
  • Have you noticed that after renting from another source, like a tablet, and viewing on the sideloaded Revue that the rental doesn't expire and is still available for viewing for the entire 3o days?
  • +1 @ brow:) androids great that way:) ill try to upload the Apk when I get home and post a link
  • This would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hopefully, google music is on the way
  • check this site out you will love it for android apps and games
  • Great news. Couldn't stream legally bought movies from YouTube even. Till Saturday.