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Google Play has various movies, books and music on steep discount

If you're looking to pick up some media on the cheap, Google Play is the place to be right now. A sale has just kicked off with dozens of movies, books and music albums seeing big discounts, with plenty of content coming in under $4.99. Google's providing a promo link that seems to just be showing the movie listings right now, so be on the lookout for an update with discounted books and music albums as well.

The sale is on across about 20 countries (check the second source link for the full list), which is always nice to see. Hit the source link below to check out the discounts.

Source: Google Play (opens in new tab); @GooglePlay; +Google Play

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Just be careful how many devices you deauthorize or you won't get to them Some one else was gonna say it, why not me?
  • I literally clicked on this article just to post that comment. And, well, yeah. I wanted to see what books were on sale, too.
  • Nonexus, what do you mean? Where in the play store can I make a mistake or change this setting you are talking about. Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)
  • It's a few articles back on the site about the new deauth rules. Check it out. Read all 5 billion comments to see the complaints lol. Posted via Android Central App
  • Why they gotta have the sales when I'm broke!
  • +1,000,000 Opinions of this user may be biased due to being one of those Nexus people.
  • Picked up a few movies. Not bad deals. Posted via Android Central App
  • When they will realise for europe gbooks movies... Posted via HTC ONE M8 Gunmetal Gray
  • I can't seem to see any of the new sales. All I'm seeing are the same weekly sales that go live every Tuesday, and they're nothing to write home about.
  • Yeah, I'm not really seeing any great sales either. The prices displayed on that page are the prices to rent. When you look closer the prices to purchase seem pretty standard.