Google Play gift cards make their way to Austria

€15, €25 and €50 denominations being spotted in stores across the country

A quick heads up for our friends in Austria that Google Play gift cards look to be available there now. Even though Google hasn't updated its official support page to add Austria, the folks at Android Police have obtained an image from an Austrian who has obtained one of the new gift cards.

It was purchased apparently from Spar, so if you're looking for some maybe head there first. Once you've purchased, head into the sidebar menu in the Play Store on your Android phone or tablet, hit Redeem and enter the code beneath the scratch off panel. After that, you're good to go!

Source: Android Police

Richard Devine
  • Austria huh? Good day mate! Put another shrimp on the barbi! Posted via Android Central App
  • Austria, dude :-) not Australia! ;-)
  • Wrong country, mate.
  • Saw the headline and came in to post exactly this.
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  • Do you even get the reference, bro?
  • That's a lovely accent you have there. New Jersey?
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  • Nice story. But may i remind everyone, that I - ALEX "THE FORKMAN" FROM AUSTRIA - was the first who discovered play store cards in Austria - and posted a picture on google+ 4! days ago? Proof:
  • This is in Germany since when do australians use euros this article is fake damn trolls Posted via Android Central App
  • AUSTRIA. In Europe. Birthcountry of Schwanzenegger, Mozart, and Hitler. NOT Australia!!! No Kangaroos here...