Eight years after the first Android phone hit shelves, the Google Pixel is here to solidify the concept of the "Google phone." Onboard: upgraded intelligence, heavily optimized software, and a camera that works with the gyroscope to produce insanely steady videos. From what Alex and Daniel are saying, it does a pretty bang-up job of redefining what an Android smartphone can be. But all that promise is wrapped up in a humdrum casing that looks unfinished at best and derivative at worst. What's more, the $649 price tag means this first-gen product needs to bring the heat if it wants to compete.

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My full review in the coming days. In the meantime, join me for some initial impressions following a day on the streets of Shanghai with the Google Pixel XL

While you wait, why not catch up on Android Central's reviews of the Pixel and Pixel XL:

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