The Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 series gain Netflix HD and HDR streaming support

Google Pixel 6 And 6 Pro Together Hold
Google Pixel 6 And 6 Pro Together Hold (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Netflix has updated its list of HD and HDR-supported smartphones.
  • Google's 2021 lineup has been added to both lists, including the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 series.
  • HD streaming will also depend on your subscription and carrier plan.

Every so often, Netflix updates its list of phones that support HD and HDR streaming on the platform. The latest additions to Netflix's higher-quality viewing: The Google Pixel 5a and the Pixel 6 series.

The change was spotted on the Netflix support page (via 9to5Google). That means owners of Google's 2021 smartphone lineup will be able to binge "Arcane" in higher resolution. Of course, that also depends on your Netflix plan.

Currently, the Basic plan does not include HD streaming, which might sound a bit odd in 2022. You'll need to upgrade to the Standard plan if you want HD streaming or the Premium plan if you want to step it up to Ultra HD.

Of course, it doesn't help that Netflix recently jacked up the prices for its plans, meaning you'll be paying a bit more to get that extra level of crisp detail and vibrant color.

Some of the best wireless carriers in the U.S. also limit streaming resolution depending on your plan, so you'll need to ensure you're on an eligible data plan or stream using Wi-Fi.

Not every smartphone gets added to Netflix's list of HD and HDR-supported devices, so it's a bit of special honor for Google's Pixel lineup. Pretty much every Google phone from the Nexus 6 onwards supports Netflix HD, but only the Pixel 3 and later support HDR.

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