Google Now can switch between languages on the fly

Google Now can now recognize changes in language on the fly, keeping up with you as you transition from one language to another. The intelligent assistant will continue to understand you as you switch from, for instance, English to Spanish, in the span of one sentence.

Google Now can actually rapidly switch between up to seven languages. You will need to pre-select the languages you plan to use, but once that's done, Google Now will be listening for any changes. All of this is part of making Google Now more conversational and natural.

Looking to the future, Google is working on solving hard problems when it comes to natural language and interacting with our devices. One of their next major projects with Now is recognizing the voices of children. While there are some legal issues concerning collecting data from children, covered by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, there are also technological concerns. Children have different speaking patterns at different ages, such as how they pronounce certain words.

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Source: CNET

Joseph Keller