Google Now will remind you to pay your bills

Google has updated its Google Now service to remind users when their bills are due and the amount of the bill based on emails in your Gmail inbox. The bill payment reminder will appear as a card that sits alongside Google's existing cards for boarding passes, sports and news updates, weather, package tracking and more.

Like Google's other cards, Google is able to generate its bill payment reminder card by scanning any emails in your Gmail inbox. As such, Google doesn't need you to add account information directly into its Google Search app. Google will scan your email and automatically generate a card inside Google Now with the biller's name, amount owed, and payment due date. If you need more information, you can also tap the "view email" button to be taken to the original email to find out more about the bill.

It isn't clear how many payment processors and bill collectors are supported at this point, but just like other card classes we can be sure it'll expand over time.

Via: Android Police

Chuong H Nguyen