Google: Glass Explorer edition to ship within the next month

If you plunked down the $1500.00 to become a Glass Explorer at Google I/O last year, you should have your very own set of Google's next big thing in your hands within a month. This is according to what Google has told the folks over at Tech Crunch during today's "Glass Collective" event with Google Ventures. 

The timing for this just screams Google I/O, and we certainly expect to see Google Glass spend a good bit of time front and center during Google's yearly developer conference. Since the project was first unveiled at Google I/O last year, we've seen quite a bit of push from Mountain View to keep people interested, and get developers on board. We wouldn't be surprised to see things come to a head with special developer sessions for Glass, along with plenty of exposure during the keynotes.

If you're a part of the Glass Explorer group, keep an eye on your inbox for more information.

Source: Tech Crunch

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • There was a recent video presentation that discussed the technicalities of how Glass services work. A simple web based back and forth of messages between your Server, Google and the Glasses. Quite straightforward and sensible. It will be easy for companies to get simple services up and running. And then we finally get to see what services are useful, and what the social issues actually turn out to be. All the speculation starts to become reality. It's going to be really interesting.
  • Google Glass is the new Blue Tooth headset. No one would ever publicly admit to loving them, but clearly there are people out there who love them. Really though, it is amazing, cutting edge technology wrapped up in a hideous design. I think there is great potential for Google's Glass project. However, the limitations of current tech make it the PDA of eyewear. The day it can be fully integrated into regular eyewear is the day it reaches critical mass. ... however, does anyone remember "The Game" episode from Star Trek TNG? I'm sure that where the idea came from!
  • Speak for yourself, my friend. I love Google Glass. Yeah, I said it. Public admission. They're not hideous by any means, hopefully you've seen what Glass started as (which was truly hideous), and they've come a LONG way. I'm waiting for the further details from the #IfIHadGlass contest
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