Google Glass could be up to a year away for consumers, says Eric Schmidt

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's "World at One" today, executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt fielded among other things a few questions about Google Glass. While the shipping of "Explorer Edition" Glass units last week has the new gadget in the news cycle, Schmidt was a bit less optimistic about the availability of a general release to consumers. His official wording was that Glass for consumers "is probably a year-ish away". While Schmidt isn't exactly well-known for giving perfect predictions on products, you have to assume he has some knowledge of the timetable on a consumer Glass release.

This seems to be a bit of a flexible window at this point, however, as previous statements pegged a consumer release for the end of 2013. Surely as more developers get their hands on the Explorer Editions of the devices, the feedback to Google should help with the final tweaking before a broader release. Google I/O 2013 is just around the corner as well, where we could certainly be given more information.

Source: BBC Radio 4 Via: The Verge

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • around $500 I am sold.
  • I am hoping for or less...
  • It has to be $299 at the most if they want consumer success. $500 is quite pricey for such a product, most people are not going to pay that much. $199 would be the sweet spot if they want wide adoption, and I bet they will at least be close when they do release it.
  • There's that mind set with folks today. Give me give me or make it cheap. Sorry $500 is reasonable price set. Unless you want carries to brand it and sell it to you.
  • Funny, the iPad was far more than $500 and wasn't even half as revolutionary as Google Glass is, yet people all but threw their money at Apple (who has nothing even close to Google Glass) to get them.
    Just because you're cheap, doesn't mean everyone else is. Google Glass is arguably the biggest step in mobile computing since the laptop (yes, I put it well above the iPhone). It is a TRUE gamechanger.
  • So do you expect it to replace smartphones?
  • Can't wait for porn industry to get these. Extreme HD POV yeah
  • +85214256478641!!!
  • how do i give this a -1 or dislike?? I want a pair now! And even though I'm a developer and didn't get picked for #ifihadglass, I have been saving up and counting on a late 2013 release. I hope Schmidt is wrong and this statement was just some brainwashing from his trip to North Korea.
  • Don't shoot the messenger.
  • I can't wait till this phase is over. Ugh. Glass and smart watches. Two things that I couldn't care less about. Some like them, but not me. Just my opinion.
  • Some have said that about touchscreen phones, and tablets. Now hundreds of millions have them and love them.
  • Did he also say half the TV in the market would have Google TV built-in mid-year, last year?