Google is finally making it easy to loop YouTube videos on Android

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What you need to know

  • YouTube has quietly added a Loop button to its mobile app on Android.
  • The Loop video option has been available on the web for years.
  • It might take a few more weeks for the feature to become widely available on mobile.

YouTube has started testing a Loop button on its mobile app for Android. The test was first spotted by DroidMaze last month. While it was limited to a small number of users initially, the test has now started rolling out more widely to the best Android phones (via Android Police).

Youtube Mobile Loop Button

Source: DroidMaze (Image credit: Source: DroidMaze)

The loop video option has been available on the web for years now, although it isn't very easily accessible. Instead of showing up as a dedicated button in the web player, It is hidden away in the right click menu. Fortunately, the Loop video button on the YouTube mobile app can be found easily within playback controls.

Although it is certainly disappointing that it took so long for YouTube to add a basic feature to its mobile app, we're glad the Loop button is finally rolling out. The button can come in handy when you want to listen to a specific song over and over again, without having to tap on the replay button each time. However, it could still take a while before the Loop button makes its way to all users.

Aside from a Loop button, YouTube is also testing "listening controls" when playing music videos in the main YouTube app. Unlike the Loop button, however, listening controls in the YouTube mobile app will be limited to Premium subscribers. The "premium feature" is aimed at YouTube Premium subscribers who aren't too keen on switching to the YouTube Music app. Along with playback controls, the feature also adds like, save, and playback speed buttons.

Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium

A YouTube Premium subscription gets you access to ad-free videos, YouTube Music Premium, and the ability to play videos in the background. You can also download your favorite videos and watch them when you're offline.

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