Google+ is back in the discussion in some circles and all for the wrong reasons again. It's dying. It's dead. This is how Google can stop it from dying. Respected members of the tech press are once again starting to voice their opinions. As a frequent visitor to Google+, I can't help but think that anyone who really, genuinely, actively uses Google+ on a daily basis would think it's dying. Or dead. Or any other words you could use to describe its "demise." Different people will have different perspectives based on different ideals.

But inside Google+ there is a thriving community of thinkers, writers, photographers and so much more.

I'm not here to sing the undying praises of Google+, because there are certainly things that Google could do in my opinion to make it better. But I'm fortunate enough to have been involved in it since almost the very beginning. I managed to get an invite in those early, closed door days, and I've watched, and enjoyed, as it has grown and matured.

And here's why I don't think it's dying. It's because of the people. Google+ can't boast the number of active users that Facebook can, but numbers don't tell the full story. Facebook has a ridiculous number of daily users, but that doesn't make it a better place to be. Not at all.

I don't like what Facebook has become. I don't like that you load it up and your timeline is filled with things that don't really matter. It's a mess, frankly. And that's without considering the volume of advertising – something which truth be told we'd expect more from Google, perhaps. Twitter is going the same way, I fear. Becoming less about interacting with people, more about selling you something.


Google+ on the other hand has been the forum for some of the best quality discussions anywhere on the Internet. For whatever the reason — especially since many folks on Google+ are also present on Facebook and Twitter – Google+ seems to attract more actual discussions, longer form thinking (and writing) and even better quality photography shared. Facebook seems to be the permanent web home of drunken behavior and vomiting. I don't want to see that. I do want to see some fantastic images shot by friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers.

Google+ seems to be a home for the more creative types. Well, mostly. There are things I would do differently, but I'm also not likely to be alone there, either. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but on this front I can't help but think opinions could be changed by spending some quality time there, jumping in both feet as it were.

While you're there, be sure to stop by the Android Central Google+ page if you haven't already!