Google Drive to launch next week with companion Android app?

Google Drive has been one of those long rumored products that never seems to be released. Google has been steadily releasing increased functionality to Docs so that you can use it as a cloud drive, but there just isn't a desktop interface like the other competitors such as Dropbox.

That all may change next week. According to a variety of sources, including The Next Web and Techcrunch, Google is planning to launch Drive as early as next Tuesday.

Here are some details as to what the service may offer:

  • 5GB for free
  • Will work in desktop folders on Windows and Mac
  • Android and iOS apps will also be released

Sound compelling? I've used Docs for cloud storage for a variety of file types, but I do miss the ability to simply drop a file in a folder and have it sync. As much as I love Dropbox, Google Drive sounds as though it can offer more storage for cheaper. What will it take for you to switch from your cloud service of choice?

Source: The Next Web

  • I'll switch, no problem, cloud storage from Google? It won't be horrible, so the answer is, switch to Google Cloud, yes, and done.
  • I still dont understand the difference between Google Drive and Docs.
  • Until its released, probably nobody else does either. But there are some types of things that you can't but into Google Docs without special tricks. And Docs, for the most part does not automatically save local copies on each machine (sync). It only stores in the cloud. (They have a beta feature for off-line (local) storage.
  • Yeah, the UI is kinda weird. They call folders "collections". You can use Android apps like FolderSync to autosync to Docs. I can't believe it took Google so long. GDrive was in development years ago!
  • Can anyone explain to me the difference between "Messenger" (from Google+) and "Google Talk"?
  • If I can download music from my phone without buying it through play store and use drive to sync it to my Google music without having to use the drop box work around (which sucks) them I'm all in.
  • yes, I think this will be the kick in the butt that dropbox needs - they have been sitting tight with their measly 2GB of free storage for a very long time (yes I know you can increase it with referrals etc) but storage is cheap and I welcome a newcomer to the market. With that said I got in on's 50GB free deal awhile back, so it would be great to see them start a more drag and drop service, but I am quite happy with them and 50GB is nice. I think if you are already a heavy Google docs user then drive will just slide right in and be an easy product to use. I look forward to it.
  • 50GB is nice, but it's useless for what I want it for most: backing up videos, since the file limit (last I checked) is still only a 1999-high 50MB. Until they match DropBox's who knows how many GB per file limit, I can't use it.
  • Agreed! Tired of all these competitors putting out lots of storage but the filesize limit is ridiculously low. (Box anyone?)
  • Maybe I'll switch from Dropbox when Google Drive gives me more than 23.2GB of storage.
  • I know, currently 20GB on Docs is $5 whole dollars a year. You could get a foot-long at Subway for that kind of crazy money.
  • What would it take for me to switch? The ability to have two separate folders/accounts (i.e. work and personal) accessed from a single computer/phone/tablet/laptop or whatever I may be using at the time. I'd be on Google Drive in a heartbeat.
  • Wow! I finally met that guy who has only ONE Google account. ;-)
  • 2 Guys, why would I want more?
  • To protect your primary account and not have to create endless filters for junk. You can have several accounts all forward mail to the same primary inbox. Drop the secondary account when you get too much junk from it. I was lucky enough to get "myname" a while back so I don't hand that out to every joker who wants my email. I also use 2-step verification on that account to help prevent it from getting boosted.
  • I was meaning more in the sense of how Dropbox works since it only allows one install of the cloud folder per device for one single account. I know I can log in to my other accounts for their individual Docs, but with Drive going the 'desktop interface' route, I'd love it to be as simple as Dropbox, but not as limited. Hope that clarifies things.
  • It will be integration! I was using dropbox and it works, but i dont always have it installed as not every computer is mine.
    I switched over to box when they were giving away the 50gb for life and it was more work at first. But i can preview my doc to make sure it is the one i want. Now they have box edit, i can put that on any computer i use - open my file with it from the cloud, in its native app(word, excel, google docs) and when i am done making the changes it automatically saves my changes back to the cloud.
    Do that and you will probably get me to change.
  • The difference between drive and docs is that docs is for storing documents such as letters, spreadsheets etc., whereas google drive is a virtual disk drive in the cloud -- used for storing anything. A disk you can see from anywhere.
  • Docs gives the option to leave in the original format or in Docs format. I'm storing all types of files there. Docs was designed to web-share documents more than a cloud service. The difference is Docs is not easy to use as far as auto-sync and folder VS "collections" etc. In fact it's kind of a pain. From the graphic above, this may not be an issue anymore. Docs will probably remain since the web-sharing-editing function is pretty useful. Docs will be stored in Drive.
  • A way of having one computer be the "hub" and other machines with the same user login can choose to only sync certain folders.
    I hate that if someone is sending me 2gb worth of photos to edit, It syncs to my desktop and my laptop as soon as I turn it on...I may want other info synced but not that. Something where you can say this folder syncs to Computer #1 but not #2......
  • It's called
  • My question is - I am currently paying $20 per year for 80 gigs of storage from Google already for photos and extra Docs space. Will I automatically, then, have 80 gigs of Drive space? It would make sense.
  • You should. So far all of Google's apps collectively pull from your storage...including gmail
  • My guess is you would have 80GB of Drive space and your Docs collection will be stored there along with other files using Android and PC interfaces for auto-sync.
  • For me, it will depend on the security provided. Already have Dropbox, but don't use it for anything important.
    Already have SpiderOak, use it for a lot of proprietary code.
    Already use Google Docs but only for things I want to share or have quick access to.
    Already have Evernote for notes and stuff I want everywhere. (HTC One X built in).
    Already have Read It Later (now called "Pocket" after a stunning facelift) for stuff I find on the web. So I might use it, because I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, and I've already sold my soul to Google, but right now, I have no compelling use case other than its free.
  • For me, this is *precisely* why I want GDocs. Already have Dropbox/SpiderOak, but it's not easily searchable or editable on mobile
    Already have Evernote, but its tabular notes blow, and support for any file type is lacking.
    Already have Google Docs, but there is no way to sync files between machine and cloud. But if GDocs is basically a Dropbox-style interface between Google Docs and my machine, then it kills my need for Dropbox and Evernote. It won't be as secure as SpiderOak (Google will still have access to all files), but at least it'll likely use Google Authentication, so it should be reasonably-safe from prying eyes.
  • If Dropbox bumps their storage limit for free accounts up to 5GB to match Google Drive then I'll stick with them for a while. My work and home PCs are already set up to sync and their Android app is quality.
  • I have my own cloud that came with my Razr Maxx with no limit size and I love it!
  • If I can use the extra Google storage I am already paying for I will probably stop using Dropbox. If it is a separate storage allotment I will probably pass.
  • I love dropbox and will probably stick with them.
  • Already have all my docs, music, pics, and phone using Google stuff. Even own a ChromeBook too. Have 8Gig with Dropbox, but will switch it over to G too.
  • It will need to be really good for me to start using it. While I love Google, I have an FTP server set up at home and have ~1 TB of space on it for now.
  • I came from the Windows Phone platform, and we had something called Skyrdrive. It's a Microsoft thing. It had 25GB of cloud storage. For FREE. Now that I'm here with Android, I'm finding an in-house (read: Google) cloud storage service. I want to try this, but 5GB of storage? (I don't have the means to "buy" more storage. Sorry. :( ) It's small. Really small. I use my cloud storage service to save all of my school powerpoint, word, excel, and PDF files. And a ton of images. And some MP3 files. And my WVGA'd copy of the first episode of New Girl. Along with one or two personal videos here and there. I want an in-house (read: Google) cloud service just because I am assured that my files are safe and there. (Full Disclosure: I have NOTHING against developed cloud storage services, e.g. Box, Dropbox,) I just hope they can make this useful and seamless for my T-Mobile G2x...
  • I don't have pricing information for GDrive, but storage for other Google products is insanely cheap. You can afford it. Last I checked, 20GB was something like $5/yr. If you have a smartphone, you can probably afford $5 per year. Just find room in your budget to save an extra $0.42/month and you'll be there.
  • As I'm quickly approaching my 20,000 song limit on Google Play Music, I hope the Google Drive roll out also provides me with the ability to purchase more space for my music.
  • Dropbox works fine for me and I like the folder syncing. I'll stick with it. I have about 9GB of space with them and that has been more than sufficient.
  • I'm all over this like flies on ... a delicious picnic lunch!
  • "What will it take for you to switch from your cloud service of choice?" Syncing to android
    Selective sync
    Photo upload that ISN'T g+ and isn't resized Dropbox has 2 out of 3 so likely to stick with them unless Google has done a brilliant job (and how many of their products have been brilliant day 1...? :D)
  • Dropbox is a good product but $10 a month is too much for more storage. I also don't like becoming one of their sales agents to get more free space. I use it to sync phone backups. gives lots of space but the 25MB file size limit is way too low. I use Docs at $5 a year for 20GB. Hopefully the price will stay low and the limitations will be removed.
  • >"Will work in desktop folders on Windows and Mac. Sound compelling?" No, because there are no options for the third most popular desktop- Linux.
  • I just want it to automatically two way sync favorite files/folders to Android like dropbox doesn't.
  • For images we have picasa/google + photos. For music we have google play music, and now supposidely google drive. What would make me switch? A unified google drive which unifies with google+ and play music to allow for a one stop sync solution for example, picking a folder to sync music from and images from and if you use instant upload, your images will be uploaded to the computer folder as well. You can also sync your pictures from your computer AND the picture syncing is unlimited or atleast not included in the 5 gigs (right now it's not and it shouldn't be) for none picture or music files, the 5 gig is similar to dropbox. Also, android phones and google services on the pc use this drive to save things like APP DATA and SETTINGS. This way, If you get a new android phone, you can continue to play from the level you were at in angry birds or grand theft auto. Also you can set certain files to sync between phone, cloud and pc (the file is saved offline on a device opposed to being downloaded from an app). I know this sounds like a lot, but it really isn't because it really is just imporving upon what's already there. As well as making some no brainer feature upgrades (saving app data from android phones)
  • Took the words right out of my mouth. This is exactly what I told them when I had to get new phone and had $25 in Zenonia 4 in app purchases. Who wants to lose all there data when they get a bunk update or have to switch phones.
  • I've got 22GB on my free Dropbox account, it's gonna take some impressive features or super cheap storage plans to lure me away. Google Docs plans are cheap because documents are usually small, I'd be surprised if they keep pricing the same.
  • Not sure. Will what I have on any service (Picasa/Play Music/Docs) take a bite out of it? If not, I may consider it. If it does, I'll stay put lol.
  • I'll try it, but I don't think I'll switch unless they match the service from Sugarsync. The way Dropbox works annoys me: Having to manually drop files in a specific folder to back them up and therefore modifying my PC folder structure.
    In Sugarsync I can choose which folders to sync. Similar to the folders to scan in Picasa. You can also have multiple computers under the same accounts with shared and non shared files. I have been really happy with my 60GB for $10/month for the past 2years. Also makes it really easy to restore files in new PCs.
  • I'd switch if it's integrated. I got on Google+, but don't use it... because I have to manage my YouTube account separate from my Google+, and I can't just have a tab in Google+ that shows my YouTube account to my friends. I got on Google Music, as I like the concept... but having over 100 GB of music (I collect live music), I've given up trying to upload it through the horrible interface as it craps out after 20 songs or so every time. If I can designate a folder on a PC to sync with my Google Drive, and indicate what it is (YouTube videos, private videos, Google Music, private data, etc.) and have it sync and be done... I'm in. Instead, I'm most likely going to get an cloud storage that I have to sit at a PC and do all the work to get things uploaded again. ISP's aren't built (at least not around me) for mass uploading. They seem to kill the upload stream under the premise it must be a Torrent and therefore illegal. Not my fault there isn't an easier way to move 100s of GB to the cloud currently. Heck.. I'd pay to ship my external hard drive to Google and have them do it and ship it back or keep it if it was no cost to me to upload as my time is worth that much to me.