Google co-founder says bad apps to blame for poor Android battery life

Google co-founder gets a day's life out of his Android battery, and he thinks you should, too. Speaking at Google's Zeitgeist forum (alongside CEO Eric Schmidt), Page said poorly written third-party apps likely are to blame.

"I have noticed there are a few people who have phones where there is software running in the background that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly. If you are not getting a day, there is something wrong."

Schmidt -- who, like Page, also is way smarter than you -- chimed in, "The primary consumer of the battery life on these phones is the transmit/receive circuit. SO tuning that and obviously figuring out a way to not use too much of that extends your battery life."

Sho' 'nuff, Eric. Looks like somebody read our battery life tips post. [via Tech Radar]

Phil Nickinson