Google Chrome vs. Samsung Internet Browser — which do you prefer?

Android has no shortage of web browsers to choose from, but for most people, Chrome (opens in new tab) is the go-to choice. Along with being installed by default, Chrome also offers excellent syncing between your phone and desktop, offline viewing, easy language translation, and much more.

As great as Chrome is, however, it also has some stiff competition that's been getting better and better with each passing day. One such competitor is the Samsung Internet Browser (opens in new tab).

Samsung made some sizable upgrades to its browser throughout 2017, and to kick off the new year, some of our forum users got together to discuss whether Google or Samsung's option is truly the best.

I've been a Chrome User app my life, one day I was just bored and decided to use the Samsung browser and I found a few really REALLY good options (like true full screen, fingerprint password login, ad block) I've never went back to chrome. Matter of fact I uninstalled chrome altogether (Samsung internet is runs so much smoother as well, very odd)


I initially used Google Chrome but it impacted negatively on my battery life. Something like media server kept showing up using lots and from ironically a Google Search it confirmed Chome could be the culprit so I uninstalled and it went away. Ive been through a few browsers and most are just a skin so I ended up using the Stock Samsung Internet Option and battery life has been stable and...


I tried using Samsungs browser but kept running into sites where the web video player was just blank and did not show. Moved over to Chrome and the video player shows up and works properly.


Samsung browser is nice with great features, but if you use Chrome on your computer, then Chrome is more convenient. The Samsung browser can sync with the Chrome bookmarks. But Chrome not only syncs in real time (because it uses your Google account) across devices, it also does autofill. It remembers your searches, user names, passwords, and credit card information across devices if you have that...


Now, we'd like to ask you – If you had to pick, would you choose Google Chrome or Samsung Internet Browser?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Samsung. Mainly for the speed and biometric logins
  • +1 for the speed.
  • Recently switched to Samsung. Can't read a damn thing on Chrome without some Google 'you got a virus' crap.
  • I prefer Firefox on both, PC and Android.
  • I used to, but it's become so slow on my computer compared to Chrome.
  • I can't say what is going on in your case specifically, but Firefox is demonstrably faster than Chrome. That being said, the margins are so close it doesn't really matter which you pick.
  • I really like ff too, but the incompatibility with the google app( tired of hitting “open with”, while using it) just to read a article, and on my phone, there seems to be a “last mile” loading issue, that chrome doesn’t have. I do use ff focus though, using split screen creator with chrome, so I can choose which one suits my needs at the time. Even as default, I still had to use open with with ff , so if ff fixes that extra step, I may go back to ff nightlys.
  • Firefox. Out of the two though, I prefer the Samsung browser, much as I don't like their stuff. Chrome is pretty crappy in my opinion, but my priorities are different than most people's.
  • I like the Samsung browser better, but my primary laptop is a Chromebook and the sync feature between mobile and desktop is too good to pass up.
  • There's a plug-in for chrome which sync bookmarks to Samsung's browser
  • The browsing history is big to me. It's great to read an article on your phone, then pull it up later on your desktop without issue
  • Perfer chrome browser.
  • I prefer Samsung browser but in the past few days I've have quite a few sites like banking etc saying my browser isn't supported and to use Edge or Chrome
  • Samsung browser! Love the password biometrics for websites and banking info. Chrome gets immediately disabled.
  • I used Chrome until my last phone upgrade, the tried the Samsung browser after learning on AC that it had a true night mode. It works great and I haven't looked back. I wish Google would add night modes to their suite of apps.
  • Long time Chrome user, and it still is my go to on the desktop, but on Android its Samsung now. Adblock probably being the biggest reason.
  • So will you switch back to chrome when their version of adblock comes?
  • Got the plug in for chrome browser and switch to SI never looked back. runs 100% better in my opinion. plus bio log in is a god send
  • Samsung's browser is wonderful. With the AdGuard extension it crushes Chrome on speed. Now I do run into some websites not loading videos and pictures but when that happens I just switch over to Chrome temporarily. Samsung's browser runs circles around Chrome in all other instances.
  • I kind of use both, Samsung Internet is probably little better but chrome has improved a lot as well in terms of performance. No ad blocker on chrome is one reason I do 50/50 between Samsung and chrome.
  • I didn't even know you could sync Chrome bookmarks with the Samsung Internet Browser. I might actually kick the tires on Samsung Internet Browser now. I know when using the Dex Dock the Sammy browser tends to be a bit better since it'll load the desktop site by default; where-as I need to tell Chrome to do so.
  • Chrome for me. Tried Samsung internet, but open tabs feature and history across all devices is something I use regularly.
  • To be honest I use both Samsung for general browsing and videos chrome when I buying something or paying bills
  • I prefer Samsung Browser, mainly because of add block, night mode and convenience.
  • Oh yeah. Forgot to mention night mode in my comment. It's awesome!!
  • I use the Samsung Browser on my S8 and love it. The only hiccup I have is that I also use Google's Datally app which I believe sets up a virtual VPN and when I browse on my S8 I get a bunch of redirect warnings which briefly and kind of annoyingly slow down browsing. I need to test this to see if the same thing happens with Datally and Chrome.
  • I never really used Chrome full-time on any of my device, its always been firefox but then FF stared getting slower per update so I switch to Chrome for a bit but Chrome destroys the battery on my phones and tablets and its worse on my tabs at it makes multitasking crap even when its not open so I switched back to FF but I was on the lookout for a better browser and there comes Samsung Browser. Although Samsung Browser is definitely faster on my case, what really pulled me is that contrast mode which I use everytime.
  • I liked it until I had saved tabs on Firefox. Can't go back. If I'm in say the Google news feed and I want to load multiple tabs at once I can just click through all of them and then launch firefox. In Chrome (or Samsung) each link you click loads the browser. Then you have to go back to the other app and click another link and then it punts you back into the browser. Much slower process.
  • I used chrome for sooooo long and avoided samsungs browser until I couldn't take the poor memory management of chrome anymore. My phones would be come so sluggish running it not to mention no extension support. Samsung browser is stable and fast with extensions, plus samsung pass is very convenient
  • Chrome because I use Chrome on the computer.
  • Chrome because I use Home, Gmail/Inbox, and everything else Google. I feel my web browsing would be less valuable to me because of Google analytics if I were to use a different browser. Continuity is a thing and I like it on my PC, Mac, Chromebook, and phone. Chrome gives me that. Samsung does not.
  • Not trolling'...... Edge
  • I also use Edge. it's my default on Windows 10 as well. Chrome is my 2nd on both Samsung and Windows.
  • I used the samsung browser exclusively on my S7. Since going to the G6 I use chrome sparingly as some sites just don't work well on other browsers but anything that I'm going to read I've been using Brave which looks like chrome but with the tracking and ad blocker is a much more pleasant experience, I just can't take all the ads. That said, I did love the Samsung Browser on my S7 but it doesn't seem to work as well on my G6.
  • Samsung browser. Don't think I can get used to chrome.
  • I really like the Chrome browser but recently started getting all these news articles at the lower end of the homepage. I dont like that. I prefer the minimalist homepage the way it was. Otherwise I'd use the Google app.
  • Neither. I use GnuIcecat from FDroid most of the time. Allows extensions.
  • Samsung Internet Browser. Trying to get away from Google. I dont even use Chrome on my computer so no need for it on my phone
  • I really dig the overall look and feel of the Samsung browser compared to Chrome. Plus I can use my fingerprints to log into sites and it remembers my passwords as well as my credit card number if needed. I have the Samsung internet extension on my Chromebook but haven't used it yet.
    I am all about the Samsung browser!
  • Samsung browser is best because it has night mode and it supports adblock extensions
  • Samsung internet the whole way. Google used to allow you to load chrome onto their tv sku but as of oreo that doesnt seem possible(& for good reasons like its not remote friendly) so recently I thought about sideloading & it works much better though it could use a builtin download management since ATVs stock 1 feels like a direct port with no remote tweaks & quick menu could be replaced besides adding the nessary packaging to add a ATV shortcut so you dont have to dig though the settings menu of ATV