Google Chrome vs. Samsung Internet Browser — which do you prefer?

Android has no shortage of web browsers to choose from, but for most people, Chrome is the go-to choice. Along with being installed by default, Chrome also offers excellent syncing between your phone and desktop, offline viewing, easy language translation, and much more.

As great as Chrome is, however, it also has some stiff competition that's been getting better and better with each passing day. One such competitor is the Samsung Internet Browser.

Samsung made some sizable upgrades to its browser throughout 2017, and to kick off the new year, some of our forum users got together to discuss whether Google or Samsung's option is truly the best.

I've been a Chrome User app my life, one day I was just bored and decided to use the Samsung browser and I found a few really REALLY good options (like true full screen, fingerprint password login, ad block) I've never went back to chrome. Matter of fact I uninstalled chrome altogether (Samsung internet is runs so much smoother as well, very odd)


I initially used Google Chrome but it impacted negatively on my battery life. Something like media server kept showing up using lots and from ironically a Google Search it confirmed Chome could be the culprit so I uninstalled and it went away. Ive been through a few browsers and most are just a skin so I ended up using the Stock Samsung Internet Option and battery life has been stable and...


I tried using Samsungs browser but kept running into sites where the web video player was just blank and did not show. Moved over to Chrome and the video player shows up and works properly.


Samsung browser is nice with great features, but if you use Chrome on your computer, then Chrome is more convenient. The Samsung browser can sync with the Chrome bookmarks. But Chrome not only syncs in real time (because it uses your Google account) across devices, it also does autofill. It remembers your searches, user names, passwords, and credit card information across devices if you have that...


Now, we'd like to ask you – If you had to pick, would you choose Google Chrome or Samsung Internet Browser?

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