Google Assistant on Wear OS gets smart suggestions and Assistant Actions

LG Watch Style
LG Watch Style (Image credit: Android Central)

Google gave Android Wear a big facelift this March after rebranding it to Wear OS, and while the logo and branding are all-new, the operating system as a whole has mostly remained the same.

That's now starting to slowly change, however, with a few updates to make Google Assistant more powerful.

There are three big things coming to Assistant on Wear OS, the first of those being smart suggestions. These are pre-populated responses you can tap on after asking a question to the Assistant, allowing you to easily get more contextual info.

For example, after asking the Assistant about the weather, you'll see options for "weather tonight", "weather tomorrow", etc.

Also new is the addition of Assistant Actions. These have been available on Google Home and phones for some time, and they allow you to tap into more apps, control additional smart home gadgets, and more.

Last but not least, you'll now be able to have the Assistant read responses out loud through your watch's speaker or a pair of connected Bluetooth headphones.

Google says these features will be rolling out to all Wear OS watches over the coming days, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

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Joe Maring

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