Google Assistant is (finally!) headed to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam

At this point we don't really blame anyone for forgetting about Google Assistant coming to Sonos. After all, the wireless speaker company announced the integration for Sonos One way back in the fall of 2017, with the marriage to happen sometime in the next year. That year came and went, however, and we're a quarter through the next one.

All that is to say that Google Assistant is finally coming to Sonos one — and Sonos Beam — starting next week, the company announced today in its Q2 2019 earnings report.

Says Sonos:

This quarter we would like to highlight the much-anticipated launch of the Google Assistant on Sonos. We've been working on this for quite a while and are thrilled to be rolling it out next week. Through a software upgrade, Sonos One and Beam will support the Google Assistant in the U.S., with more markets to come over the next few months. This feature will truly elevate the customer experience and marks the first time that consumers will be able to buy a single smart speaker and get to choose which voice assistant they want to use. We think giving consumers choice is always the right decision, and we anticipate this philosophy will be adopted in the industry over time.

Sonos One is the company's not-quite entry-level speaker. It's very much in the same vein as the slightly less expensive Play:1, but it includes a microphone array for voice commands. It launched in October 2017 with support for Amazon Alexa, and Sonos said Google Assistant would be coming. And next week, it finally does.

Sonos Beam is a good bit newer and is a less expensive option than Sonos' full-fledge SoundBar.

Phil Nickinson