Google working with Qualcomm, HTC, and Lenovo on standalone Daydream VR headsets

Google's Daydream VR platform is breaking free from its phone-based confines with the standalone headsets, Google has revealed. Speaking on stage at Google I/O 2017, Google VP of Virtual Reality Clay Bavor announced it is working with partners to bring standalone Daydream headsets to market.

The standalone headsets, as you'd expect, don't require any cables, phones, or a PC to work. You simply slip one of the standalone headsets on, and it works. The company says each headset will feature VR-optimized displays, optics, and sensors. "WorldSense" tracking will provide positional tracking to match your location, and dedicated sensors will keep track of the environment around you.

There's no hardware to check out right now, but Google says it is working with Qualcomm on a reference device, as well as HTC and Lenovo.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster