Google announces Android M Developer Preview, full release in Q3 2015

The new version of Android is just "M" for now, of course, and is coming out in via a Developer Preview at first. Android M is all about "product excellence" that lands in six main categories, including a few smart features but also cleaning up code and squashing bugs.

The first big feature is selective app permissions, which lets you pick and choose which permissions you let an app have. You no longer grant permissions when you install the app, and instead grant them when the app tries to perform an action that requires additional permissions.

The developer preview will see monthly(ish) updates through the fall.

Another large bit of Android M is the new payment initiative, Android Pay. It's all about simplicity, security and choice — you unlock your phone, place it on an NFC terminal, and you've just paid. When you sign up for Android Pay your account hands over a unique number for each transaction, so your main card number remains safe. Android Pay is also available inside of other apps that integrate with the service, including banks and merchants.

Going hand-in-hand with the new payment system, Android M is also integrating with fingerprint sensors at the system level. That means you'll be able to unlock your device, make Play Store purchases and authenticate payments through Android Pay all with your fingerprint if your device has a sensor.

Hoping to target some of the battery life woes of Android devices, Android M also includes new power features. Phones and tablets running M will now use a new feature called "Doze" to drop into a lower-power state as often as possible to save power, while also keeping awake for high-priority messages and notifications. Google says that a Nexus 9 running on M can get almost twice the battery life as one running Lollipop.

There's also a new Google Chrome experience, which lets individual tabs better integrate with the apps that they're associated to. For example an app can push you out into Chrome into a "custom tab," where you can access saved data that you only have in Chrome.

Android M also includes app-to-app linking, which will let apps hand off data between each other much in the same way that you can follow links between websites.

The Android M Developer Preview is coming for the Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Player, and it will launch in full capacity in Q3 of this year.

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  • Improvements, that's all we need right now Posted via Android Central App
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  • Well, they did mention in the keynote they are still squashing "thousands of bugs" from L, and then there is Doze for battery life in M.
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  • 5, 6, 9, and Player for the Preview. No word on full release.
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    2. I prefer on-body detection and code. Especially when your phone is covered with your fingerprints.
    3. Tap to pay has been around for years... I'm a heavy Google Wallet user myself. But, it's becoming more popular now (Thank you Apple!). What I don't like is the fact that there are hundreds of NFC functions in Android, and only one in iOS. I have a full set of programming tools, NFC task managers, and two bags of tags and stickers, and they are useless in the iOS world.
    4. More battery life is always welcome. iOS does a good job on standby, but that is offset by less battery life during active use. The exception (in some conditions) is the 6 plus, but I turned that back in because it was too big. Stuck with a 5c because it was compact and had better battery life than the iPhone 6, though I definitely like the 6 way better than the 5c. What I would REALLY love is an iPhone 6 with 2-3 day battery life like my HTC.
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