Google Announces Android Developer Challenge 2

Following up their Android Dev Phone 2 giveaway at Google I/O, Google just announced that Android Developer Challenge 2. With the release of the Android 1.5 Cupcake Update, we can fully expect a slew of new apps that'll take advantage of the new aspects and features of Android 1.5.

If you remember, the first Android Developer Challenge was hugely successful, bringing the likes of popular apps such as ShopSavvy and Locale. As always, the winner of the Android Developer Challenge 2 will be determined by Android user votes. The Android Developer Challenge 2 will be specifically targeted for NEW Android applications that run smoothly on Cupcake 1.5. There'll be 10 categories for which developers can submit their apps for.

We're definitely excited to see what new applications the Android Developer Challenge 2 brings. If history is any barometer, we can fully expect some game-changing applications to be developed for Android. Definitely exciting stuff.


Casey Chan