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Gogo Inflight finishing up its Android app, gives us a tease

If you're up in the air anywhere near as much as we are, you've likely used Gogo Inflight to get online at 30,000 feet. We've long been awaiting a proper Android app, and it looks like we're closing in on takeoff. (Plane pun No. 1.) Until now, if you wanted to use your Android device on Gogo's network, you'd have to wing it (pun No. 2) and sign in with the mobile browser. It works, but far from a smooth ride (pun No. 3). This app should make things much easier.

For now, we've just got this teaser pic on Facebook. But keep your eyes to the sky (pun No. 4) for the app to be released soon.

Source: Facebook

  • more entertained by the puns (more so the way they're used) then the news!
  • I was never able to get on via the browser on the Evo. Maybe this will help!! :)
  • Phil, you are nothing, if not a punny (funny) guy!
  • Gogo inflight is a joke. The service is slow had they seem to have no interest in improving it. Don't even try to get on citrix through Gogo. We're talking 0.13 down and 0.15 up. Pathetic service and obviously overpriced. I've got the speedtest screen shots to prove it.
  • I agree it's not as fast as it really ought to be, but I rarely get speeds that slow. I'm not sure, but I think how many people are using it on a flight impacts the performance significantly. Anyway, I'm usually able to get speeds good enough to watch SD YouTube videos and stream from Netflix, so it's not /that/ bad. As for whether it's worth it, only the individual can decide.
  • I am with you on this, Gogo is a joke. This service makes dial-up look like a fiber optic connection. Now personally, I have never had a problem actually signing up and connecting using a mobile browser but once connected its a pain in the ass and very frustrating. Edit: I should also add that this has been my experience with delta who is my carrier of choice about 90% of the time.
  • 1. WTF is taking so long? this should not be rocket science.
    2. i wish all flights had WIFI. hopefully someday they will.
    3. i wish the FAA/Airlines would lift the restrictions on electronic devices. at least data. ok to keep the voice phone restrictions but let me use data. i think the fears are made up.
    4. i love Gogo. reasonable pricing, good speed/service, and it makes the flight so much more enjoyable and productive.
  • My recent flight to Pensacola I used gogo to stream netfix on my evo and to fring video chat with my wife and daughter, maybe it has more to do with the airline than the service itself? I flew Delta
  • I tired to use Gogo on Alaska Air, my first experience not so good, there was no second one.
  • The rates for a 2 hour flight is $7.99 on US Air. A bit high in my opinion. I did notice that I am able to receive email and text messages for FREE on my EVO, but not send messages without paying for access. For the money, I'd rather pay for DirecTv. Airlines used to provide music and a movie for FREE. Pretty soon, they will charge for air, water and the bathroom.