Glass update makes staying in contact easier

Meet Google Glass
Meet Google Glass (Image credit: Android Central)

With the latest firmware update to Google Glass, staying in touch with your favorite contacts just got a bit easier. Now, tapping on a contact will easily give you options to start a Google Hangouts session, send them an email, or message them through SMS.

The update is arriving now to Android users and is coming next week to iOS users via the companion MyGlass app. To gain the new functionality, users will need to update their MyGlass app on their phones. The Android version is now at 3.2 and iOS will be at version 0.7.0.

Then, users will need to download the Glass firmware update, which will take you to version XE20.1.

"Now when you tap on one of your contacts, you can swipe between Hangouts, email or SMS - whichever strikes your fancy at that moment," Google said of its new update.

Glass update makes staying in contact easier

Additionally, your entire phone book will be accessible on Glass.

Source: Glass Community

Chuong H Nguyen