Ghost of Tsushima: List of all enemies and their weaknesses

Ghost Of Tsushima Castle And Candles
Ghost Of Tsushima Castle And Candles (Image credit: Android Central)

Almost every enemy you encounter in Ghost of Tsushima will fall into one of four archetypes: Swordsmen, Shieldsmen, Spearsmen, and Brutes. These don't only encompass Mongols, though. You'll also run into ronin, bandits, archers, and Mongol war dogs. Barring the dogs, these enemies will fall into one of the aforementioned categories too.

To learn different stances, you'll need to observe and kill Mongol leaders. The order they unlock is: Stone, Water, Wind, Moon. Each of these can then be upgraded further with stronger heavy attacks to deal even greater damage. Here's everything you need to know about the enemies you'll encounter.


Ghost Of Tsushima Swordsmen

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Stance: Stone

Heavy attacks using the Stone stance will deal extra stagger damage to Swordsmen, allowing you to break their defense and go in for the kill. Swordsmen are the most common enemy you'll come across between Mongols, bandits, and ronin. Any of the gadgets at your disposal, like flaming arrows, kunai, and bombs once you unlock them, should make quick work of Swordsmen.


Ghost Of Tsushima Shieldsmen

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Stance: Water

Use heavy attacks with the Water stance to break a Shieldsmen defense. Since they can more easily block arrows with their shield, your best course of action is to wait for the right moment and dodge their attacks. Flaming arrows and bombs will also do the trick nicely, though I'd recommend saving these for tougher enemies.


Ghost Of Tsushima Spearsmen

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Stance: Wind

A couple of heavy attacks with the Wind stance will break Spearsmens' defenses. They have long sweeping attacks, so you'll want to unlock the roll ability to quickly get out of their range. Getting enough distance between them and then using your half bow is another smart way to break their defense.


Ghost Of Tsushima Brute

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Stance: Moon

The Moon stance is the last you'll earn, and this can be used effectively against Brutes. You can tell brutes apart because they're beastly compared to other enemies, and they tend to wield heavy bludgeoning weapons or guns. Because you won't earn the Moon stance until later in the game, the best you can do with Brutes is to dodge their attacks and strike from behind in the meantime.


Ghost Of Tsushima Archer

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Stance: Any

Mongols and bandits have archers among their ranks, and they're the easiest to kill. If you close the distance fast enough and they still have their bows drawn, you can kill them in a couple of hits without worrying about any counterattacks. If they do end up drawing a blade, use the Stone stance, though most of the time you'll be able to kill them before it comes to that.

Mongol war dogs

Ghost Of Tsushima War Dog

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Stance: Any

For as much as Naughty Dog played up the fact that you could kill dogs in The Last of Us Part 2, I killed a lot more in Ghost of Tsushima. Like a lot more. Mongol war dogs can be found frequently at camps and throughout the road in each of Tsushima's three regions, and sometimes you'll just have to attack them. It doesn't matter which stance you use, just hit them a couple of times and avoid their bites and they'll go down easily.

Mongol leaders

Ghost Of Tsushima Mongol Leader

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Stance: Varies

You'll be able to tell Mongol leaders apart from the rest by their armor. You're unable to stealth assassinate them until you earn the Ghost Stance, which automatically grants a one-hit kill. When you're fighting them normally, you'll want to use whichever stance is best against the weapons they carry. Some will dual-wield swords, others have shields, and some have spears.

It's also best to throw kunai or bombs at them first to stun them and then go in for a heavy strike.

Mongol shamans

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Stance: Wind

Shamans are introduced in the Iki Island expansion for Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut. Easily identifiable by their chanting and horned helmets, Shamans should be your top priority whenever they appear as they inspire enemies to strike harder, faster, and block your attacks more easily. Even a handful of basic enemies under the influence of a shaman can quickly overwhelm you.

Throwing kunai and then following up with a heavy attack is the best way to kill them, but you can also overwhelm them with repeated Wind stance strikes.

Any other tips?

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