Genshin Impact: Where to find the old stone slates in Inazuma

Genshin Impact Stone Slate Screenshot Confronting Bandits
Genshin Impact Stone Slate Screenshot Confronting Bandits (Image credit: Android Central)

Genshin Impact just got its biggest update yet, allowing players to travel to Inazuma, the nation of the Electro Archon. As you travel through Inazuma for the first time, you will quickly be overwhelmed with new quests and missions, as well as a huge addition to the map to explore. The Farmer's Treasure quest will have you treking across that map in search of old stone tablets on the promise of impressive treasure from a shady character. Fortunately, we've made that trek and can walk you through each step of this quest. If you're playing on Android, it doesn't support controllers at this time, but we're hoping you can use some of the best Android gaming controllers sooner rather than later to take your game to the next level.

The Farmer's Treasure

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The Farmer's Treasure is a world quest in the latest nation of Genshin Impact, Inazuma. Completing the quest will earn you 60 Primogen, 500 Adventure EXP, a Northlander sword billet, and the Saimon heirloom blade diagram, on top of plenty of loot along the way. The Saimon heirloom blade design lets you craft the Amenoma Kageuchi, a unique four star katana that is a great F2P option for Ayaka, as well as the sword she uses in promotional videos.


Although you can find the old stone slates without obtaining the quest, it will make a lot more sense if you do a few things first. Starting in Konda Village, there is a Missing Persons poster and an elderly man, Saimon Katsumi, who tells you about his son who's gone missing after being sent to fight in the army. You can find his son, Saimon Jirou locked in a cage on Jinren Island. Once freed, he will tell you to collect four old stone slates on the promise of splitting the treasure they unlock with you. Although he seems less than trustworthy, the promise of treasure will always motivate Paimon to get you moving.

While you can collect all the slates first, two of them require the Momento Lens gained from the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest. Even after freeing Jirou, you cannot access the area where they can be found without it. You don't have to complete Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual though, just get far enough to get the Momento Lens.

Where to find the four old stone slates

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The first old stone slate can be found on the beach just north of the Kamisato Estate. This one is really easy to spot and doesn't require any puzzles or unique items to collect. Just beat a handful of enemies on the beach and pick it up from under the tent pictured above.

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The second old stone slate is hidden a little better, but it's still not overly challenging to find. In fact, you might have already picked it up when completing A Strange Story in Konda. If not, head back to Konda Village and jump down to the bottom of the well. There you will find, among other treasures, the second slate and an item for another quest, a rust-worn key.

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The third and fourth old stone slates are a little more challenging and require the Momento Lens. Once you have it, head to Araumi. When you've been through this area before, you may have noticed a number of Electroculus, a new boss, a new domain, and a teleport waypoint, all inaccessible. This is because most of Araumi is ruins found underground or under water.

To access the underground/under water area, you're going to dive down another, much larger well. Inside this well, use the Momento Lens on each of the Earth Kitsune statues and the floor will drop out from beneath you, leading down into the Araumi Ruins.

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The third old stone slate is in part of the Araumi Ruins underground. You'll find it sitting on top a pile of dirt across from an Electro cube puzzle. You can't get through the ruins without this puzzle, but the slate isn't super obvious if you're not looking for it.

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The final old stone slate can be found in the underwater portion of the Araumi ruins off the coast of Jinren Island. This one is also on top of a pile of dirt, although it's much easier to spot thanks to debris from a shipwreck right next to it. That having been said, there is a lot of loot down in these ruins, as well as the new boss, the Perpetual Mechanical Array. You're going to want to spend the extra time picking through the ruins for all that treasure, and if you're one of the lucky ones to have pulled Ayaka, you're going to be spending a lot of time fighting this boss, as it drops materials necessary for her ascension.

A fifth old stone slate?!

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Once you've collected the four old stone slates and brought them back to Saimon Jirou, he will insist that there is a fifth one. He'll mark a spot on the map where you will find several piles of dirt to dig up, only to find no slate. When you return to confront him, he will be gone, but fortunately, his new location is also marked on your map, back on Jinren Island.

When you arrive, you'll find Jirou locked up again and a pair of bandits threatening him. The bandits reveal that he tried to trick them as well, but they offer to let you into their group if you want to help them recover the treasure. Needless to say, that doesn't go particularly well for the bandits. You'll have to fight your way through four waves of enemies (with some especially comical names) after which Jirou will hand over the final piece to claiming the treasure, the "Treasury" key.

The "Treasury"

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Jirou will then lead you to the "Treasury" where the key and the old stone slates will grant you entry only to find a whole lot of nothing much. You'll find some wheat and veggies, but none of the weapons or money Jirou promised. After offering to take Jirou home, his parents reveal the truth of the "Treasury" — it was an old grainery because in hard times, food is treasure. However, they're not going to let you leave empty handed.

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After more than a few unkind words about their son, the Saimons give you their beat up old heirloom sword, along with the design necessary to reforge it. You'll also walk away 60 primogen richer. You can even return to the Saimon's residence later to find Jirou a changed man.

The sword itself is relatively inexpensive to forge, using a Northlander sword billet, 50 white iron chunks, and 50 amethyst lumps. While there are premium swords that are better performance-wise for Ayaka, this one is great and it's a katana, so definitely the coolest looking blade to give to the snow princess.

Questions about the Farmer's Treasure and the old stone slates in Inazuma?

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