Genshin Impact reveals two new characters, Shenhe and Yun Jin

Genshin Impact Shenhe Yun Jin Hero
Genshin Impact Shenhe Yun Jin Hero (Image credit: miHoYo)

What you need to know

  • Two new characters have been revealed for Genshin Impact.
  • Shenhe is a disciple from a family of exorcists, while Yun Jin is an opera director.
  • These two characters do not have a launch date, but it'll be sometime after Update 2.3.

Genshin Impact is getting two more characters, as revealed on Monday. According to the Twitter bios shared out for Yun Jun and Shenhe, Yun Jin is a Geo Polarm user and the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe. Meanwhile, Shenhe is a Polearm user that comes from a family of exorcists.

Shenhe is known as the "Lonesome Transcendence," while Yun Jin is referred to as "Stage Lucida." There's no other information right now, as these characters won't be available until at least sometime after Genshin Impact Update 2.3. Update 2.3 brings several new quests and events in the Dragonspine mountains, with training and even the ability for players to collect snow for building a snowman.

That update is also adding the already wildly-popular Arrataki Itto and Gorou, though those two characters aren't being added until a couple of weeks into the launch of the update, which is set for Nov. 24, 2021. Players can expect to start unlocking Arrataki Itto and Gorou in the middle of Dec. 2021.

The list of Genshin Impact characters continues to grow at a regular pace, keeping Genshin Impact as one of the best Android games around and one of the best free-to-play titles on PS5.

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