Gear S2 watch face roundup: Deathstar, Overwatch and more!

There are hundreds of watch faces that are currently available for the Samsung Gear S2. You might not have the time to go scrolling through the Gear store to find the right one for you though. That's totally okay though, because we're here to help you out! This week we're taking a look at watch faces that are available now for absolutely free.

You don't need to spend a penny to grab any of these fantastic watch faces, so take a look! Just remember that to download them, you'll need to search the Gear Manager store on your connected phone.

Overwatch Style

One of the most popular games available right now for fans of first-person shooters, is Overwatch. If that's the case for you, then you're in luck because our first watch face this week is themed for Overwatch. This watch face displays a ton of information in a way that isn't overwhelming, and is really well done. You'll find a pedometer, weather, messages, the time, the date, and even more on top of that.

The background is the Overwatch sigil, with icons and information laid over it. At the top of your screen is your step count. The left side gives you an icon for messages, along with the distance you have traveled today. On the right side, is an icon for current weather, along with a heart rate monitor. The bottom contains icons for music, and location, as well as your current battery percentage. The time is displayed in a 24 hour format down to the second on a diagonal slant on the left of your screen, and the date is displayed in a diagonal slant on the right of your screen.

Aquarium Live

The Aquarium Live watch face is for anyone who loves marine life. This animated watch face delivers gorgeous backgrounds filled with swimming fish, along with delivering the time, the date and a reading from your heartbeat monitor. You'll also notice three small fish that will indicate the time, around the edge of your watch face. While you don't get much information displayed, that's because the animated fish really steal the show.

There are actually several backgrounds of photos of fish, or the animated aquarium background that will pop up when you open the watch. You can easily move between them by tapping on the phone to choose the background you really want. Seeing fish swim around on your wrist is more enchanting than it has any right to be, but does tend to drain your battery a little bit faster than the static images.

Friends with Snoopy

Let's be honest here guys, plenty of people are attached to Peanuts. With good reason too. If you're of a mind for Peanuts with Snoopy on your smartwatch then the Friends with Snoopy watch face should be right up your alley. You get Snoopy hanging out with Emily, Schroeder, and Linus.

The only information that is displayed on this watch face is the time, and your current battery percentage. Each scene shows Snoopy hanging out with a different Peanut, along with a small animation. For Linus, you'll see the pair of friends snoozing, with Emily the clouds drift back and forth and with Schroeder you'll see musical notes floating in the air.


We're only a few short months away from the next installment in a galaxy far, far, away, we bring you the Deathstar watch face. It doesn't feature a lot of information but it does have an animation of BB-8 and R2-D2 that cross your screen every few seconds. If you're already counting the days until Rogue One releases in theaters, take a look.

You get an analog watch face, with white tic marks around the edge of the screen and white hands for the second, minute and hour. Both R2-D2 and BB-8 also cross the screen to indicate seconds passing. On the left of the screen, you'll see your current battery percentage. On the right, you'll see the day of the month. The time is also laid out in a 12-hour digital format at the bottom of the screen inside a grey box.


Have you ever wanted to be able to glance down at your watch and see a galaxy swirling across it? Well, then be sure to take a peek at the Galaxy watch face. It features 4 gorgeous shots of galaxies that will have you looking to the stars. You get a fair few bits of information that are displayed on your screen along with the time and date that will help to get you through the day.

You can choose which of the four backgrounds that you like to run with by tapping on the screen to switch between them. The time and date are displayed right in the middle of your screen, with the emphasis on the time. Just underneath you'll see three icons, each of which has a blip of information for you. The left has your battery percentage, the middle is your step count from the pedometer, and on the right you'll see your heart rate monitor.

Those were the five free watch faces that caught our eye this time in the Gear Manager store. The important thing to remember is that there are hundreds of watch faces available, which means there is one out there for everybody. While the selection is a bit more limited than Android Wear on the Google Play Store it's growing every day. In fact you may see many watch faces from Android Wear starting to make an appearance on the Gear store.

Did any of these watch faces pique your interest? Is there a watch face that we should know about? Let us know about it by dropping us a line in the comments!

Jen Karner

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