VR shooter Contractors gets survival mode and more in new update

(Image credit: Caveman Studio)

What you need to know

  • Contractors is a virtual reality team-based multiplayer shooter for Quest and SteamVR headsets.
  • The Hazard Update is available for the game today and adds a new zombie survival mode.
  • The free update also adds Meta multiplayer features, overhauls the recoil system, and other changes and fixes.

Contractors, a virtual reality military shooter that originally released in 2018, received a new update today that adds a new cooperative wave-based mode and remakes one of its core gameplay systems.

The Hazard Update, or update v.0.92, is now available on Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets. The highlight of the free update is the new zombie survival mode, where players team up to see how long they can withstand the undead threat, upgrade various guns and perks, and rank on the global leaderboard.

The zombie survival mode takes place in the Hong Kong city of Kowloon and is currently in the early stages of development, according to Contractors developer Caveman Studio. The studio plans to improve the game mode in future updates with "fine-tuning, more features and more maps."

The update adds Meta multiplayer integration to quickly invite Quest players and join together in a party, according to the patch notes. It also allows players to join friends already in one of the six game modes: Casual, Competitive, Ground War, Zombie, Survival, and Mission.

Caveman Studio noted that players were unhappy with the game's recoil system after changes made in a previous update. The studio decided to revamp the recoil system with the Hazard Update by removing the "randomness factor" and creating a "more realistic recoil pattern."

The Contractors' Hazard Update patch notes also detail other changes such as being able to see the bullet in the gun's chamber, the ability to adjust UI distance, several visual glitches and clipping issues with the Factory map, and more.

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