Rec Room is about to get a ton of custom content with Rec Studio

Rec Room Studio
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What you need to know

  • Rec Room Studio will allow creators to import custom assets into their own Rec Room rooms using the power of the Unity Editor.
  • No release date on the tools, but creators can sign up for the private beta program.
  • Rec Room teased its next original game mode, an asymmetrical multiplayer mode featuring a team of four players against a player-controlled monster. 

Rec Room creators will soon have a new way to create custom content for the social multiplayer game beyond using the in-game tools, developer Rec Room Inc. announced during its Rec Con 2022 virtual keynote today.

The company revealed Rec Room Studio, a set of features that uses the Unity game engine editor to build and publish rooms for Rec Room. The studio has partnered with Unity on these tools that allow creators to insert objects and assets to existing rooms. Creators can also create and share their own custom textures, models, audio, animations, and more with these tools.

It is a more direct approach to room creation than using the Maker Pen, an in-game tool which had been the only way to create content using the game's assets, but other players will be able to collaboratively edit Rec Room Studio projects with the Maker Pen. Rec Room Studio will be "coming soon," but those interested can sign up for the upcoming private beta program on the game's official website.

Rec Room also teased its next Original game mode at the event following the 3v3 competitive multiplayer Showdown mode added last month. It does not have a name or release date yet, but is "a cooperative multiplayer adventure wherein four survivors work together to thwart a player-controlled monster and escape its treacherous lair," according to the press release.

Rec Room is free-to-play and available on consoles, mobile, and now offers a standalone PC client in addition to the Steam version. It is also playable on the Oculus Quest 2 and other VR headsets, and it had made our list of best Oculus Quest 2 games for its cross-platform multiplayer and variety of game modes.

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