In Death: Unchained for Quest gets a new event, possible PS VR2 version teased

In Death Unchained Demonic Trials event
(Image credit: Superbright)

What you need to know

  • In Death: Unchained is getting a new limited-time Demonic Trials event on May 24th.
  • A fan replied to the announcement on Twitter, asking if the game would be coming to PS VR2.
  • Superbright responded with a tease that its medieval arcade shooter might show up on Sony's next headset.

Superbright, the developer behind In Death: Unchained, took to Twitter to announce that its acclaimed arcade archery shooter was getting an in-game event that will begin on May 24.

The latest event in a series of updates, called the Demonic Trials, will shake things up by introducing new rules and mechanics to In Death: Unchained's core loop. Superbright says that the event will feature 3 Demonic Sigils, which are runes that will change the existing game rules and provide new challenges for players to help shake things up.

Players will aim to kill as many enemies as possible during each run to fill the bar. Every player's run stats contribute to a community goal, unlocking richer rewards as the community collectively wins.

Furthermore, an excited fan asked if the game would be coming to PS VR2 and the studio's official Twitter account responded with an eyes emoji, suggesting that it might see a release on PlayStation's next headset.

Surprisingly, this is some of the most concrete news we've gotten about Sony's PS VR2 in months. Most of the information that Sony and PlayStation have shared publicly has been about the headset and controllers' technical specifications. Beyond that, we don't know much outside of a few rumored games and ports.

At the beginning of the year, the prevailing wind seemed to suggest that the PS VR2 would be coming this holiday season, but as we get closer and closer to the summer event season and the always jam-packed fall and winter release calendar, it's looking increasingly less likely that the PS VR2 comes out in 2022.

Regardless of when Sony's re-entry into VR happens, it sounds like Superbright's arcade archery game won't be too far behind. Who knows, we might even see it show up in a State of Play!

Charlie Wacholz
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