This popular VR shooter just exited beta and it already made over $10 million

An official screenshot from Ghosts of Tabor on the Meta Quest 3
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What you need to know

  • Ghosts of Tabor, an extraction-based multiplayer VR shooting game, is headed to the main Meta Quest store on February 8 after a 10-month early access beta period.
  • The game boasts over 500,000 unique players and over $10 million in revenue generated over the beta period.
  • PlayStation VR2 and Pico releases are expected later this year.

Ghosts of Tabor's nearly 10-month-long beta period is finally coming to an end. It will officially graduate from App Lab and head to the main Meta Quest store on February 8. VR gamers with a Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3 can purchase the full title for $24.99 after the full store release on February 8, 2024.

Existing players who have already purchased the game in early access will get the upgrade to the final game for free. Games on App Lab can only be found when you search for the full name or follow a link to the store listing and are not featured on the main Quest store, so it's important for games to graduate to the main store to increase visibility.

Despite being more difficult to find, Ghosts of Tabor broke records left and right during the beta period thanks to a huge groundswell of viral content and an addictive gameplay loop. Tabor is described as an extraction survival FPS, similar to the popular non-VR game Escape from Tarkov, featuring both PvP and PvE elements.

Players can join squads of up to three players to scavenge loot and get to an extraction point, avoiding player-controlled and computer-controlled enemies in several open maps. But beware, when you die in combat, you lose everything you had. It's a hardcore experience that has been keeping players coming back for more on a regular basis.

Players teaming up in Ghosts of Tabor on Meta Quest 3

(Image credit: Combat Waffle Studios)

Developer Combat Waffle Studios boasts that over 500,000 unique players have enjoyed the game since the beta launched in March 2023, and over 120,000 players were active during the month of December alone. The game currently has a 4.3-star rating on the Meta Quest store with over 8,300 reviews as of this writing, putting the game in an elite bracket.

The game has been in development for 22 months and not only saw several successful rounds of funding during the early months of development but pulled in over $10 million in revenue from sales during the beta period. It would have been no surprise to see it on many lists of best Meta Quest games over the past few months.

Since launch, Combat Waffle Studios has consistently refined the game, introducing new maps, overhauling the player's home space, and developing realistic weapon handling and survival mechanics that make the game feel unique among the swath of VR shooters.

Combat Waffle Studios says a PlayStation VR2 and Pico launch will happen later this year.

Ghosts of Tabor

Ghosts of Tabor

Join up in squads of three or venture out on your own to scavenge, loot, and survive in an active warzone. Anything you take back can be used to improve your lot in life but beware, when you die in combat you lose everything you brought with you. Can you survive?

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  • synik4l
    AC News said:
    Ghosts of Tabor is exiting beta on February 8, marking a successful beta period with millions in revenue already.

    VR's most popular shooter is finally leaving beta : Read more
    This misleading. It's not leaving beta or early access yet. It will still be in that state for years. Just because it's going from applap to the actual meta store doesn't mean it's going full release. The game is farrrrr from finished.