Eye of the Temple update gives you a reason to finish it faster

Eye of the Temple
(Image credit: Rune Skovbo Johansen)

What you need to know

  • Eye of the Temple is a virtual reality puzzle adventure game where players explore a giant temple.
  • The Speedrun Challenges update adds a few challenges where the goal is to finish the section as fast as possible, and more are planned for the future.
  • The challenges and the campaign both receive leaderboard support with the update.

Exploration adventure game Eye of the Temple received a free update today that adds bite-sized challenges that require players to reach the end quickly for the best time.

Eye of the Temple tasks players with exploring an ancient temple through balancing on blocks and narrow ledges, and solving environmental puzzles with only a torch and whip. The virtual reality title takes advantage of room-scale VR and 360 degree tracking by having players physically walk around instead of moving through teleportation.

The Speedrun Challenges update released today gives an extra incentive to clear various obstacles as fast as possible. It adds three challenges that break up specific sections of the campaign and speeds up the players' movement with each successful step.

The three challenges are Into the Temple, To the Gorge, and Creaking Gorge, and can be unlocked by completing each part in the campaign. Each challenge only takes a few minutes and more are planned for the future.

The update also adds leaderboard support for the challenges and the campaign itself. The campaign has separate boards for completing the game with the normal ending and the best ending. The game takes about four to five hours to complete, according to the developer, though the current Any% record holder was able to finish it just under 36 minutes.

Eye of the Temple is available on Steam for various VR headsets, but there is no native Quest 2 port. It can be played on Quest headsets with an Air Link or link cable, though the developer is not opposed to a native port if a porting company or publisher can be involved with its development.

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